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Use Custom Printed Waterproof Labels for durable product branding

Custom Printed Waterproof Labels

Get innovative with your brand’s presentation with aesthetically created labels. These give out important product details while proving as a reliable branding tool.

How to differentiate the brand?

Could you imagine a retail outlet without products and brands differentiated from one another? What if all products were sold without any company logo or details regarding the products? It would be impossible to make a buying decision thereof. Brand logos and product names hold such an important spot in people’s minds that they tend to select the products depending on whether they like their appearance or not. Besides packaging, labels are widely being used to overcome the problem of brand and product recognition.

It is no secret that all markets are defined by cut-throat competition. So, it has become necessary that the brands are easily separated from the crowd. Businesses need to divert customer attention towards their products and make them aware of the services offered to drive the sales figure upwards. Custom printed waterproof labels are efficient in displaying crucial information about the product while protecting it from climatic damage or water spills. These labels give an opportunity to the sellers to showcase their unique brand logo and intrinsic details about the product in a compact yet impactful format. In some countries, it is mandatory to display the contents of the products so that the customers can make informed decisions. These details generally include the ingredients used, nutritional information, expiry dates, country of origin, etc. The resistance to water makes these labels durable and protects the products from getting damaged from natural hazards.

Custom printed waterproof labels

How does it benefit?

Numerous industries make use of these labels. For instance, beverage, pharmaceutical, vitamins, cosmetics, essential oils, perfumes, cosmetics, and many more. Custom printed waterproof labels are especially suitable for products that require outdoor promotions. They make for a good investment as there is no climatic wear and tear involved, unlike traditional labels. Also, such labels secure the products better and allow them to be shipped all over the world in their true form.

Sellers can benefit from the numerous benefits they provide. Some of these include:

  1. Grab the customers’ attention. Vibrant labels that are specifically designed to impress, create a long-lasting impression in customers’ minds and compel them to try the products.
  2. The inclusion of various product features in the form of creative texts can help to convince customers that these are the products they are searching for.
  3. Can help meet customers’ expectations regarding the use of and disposal procedure of the packaging.
  4. Implies why the product fulfills customer demands in a more effective manner as compared to the rivals in the market.
  5. Beautify the product and enable customers to immediately spot it on store shelves.
  6. Adhere to the precise brand image by aligning with the other promotional material distributed by the brand. Customers react better to branding that is relatable.

Personalize for maximum effect

These labels can be modified to include several interesting features that elevate their look and make customers choose the products from the other sea of choices. From the size, color, and stock options to the addition of effectual components, these labels can be constructively transformed into portable billboards for businesses.

Apart from using these labels for commercial purposes, they can alternatively be used in:

  • manufacturing lines – labels have become an integral part of manufacturing as each component piece requires a label to be found and ensure their proper use. Labels are required from the start to the finish of these processes.
  • e-commerce – Every e-commerce purchase requires multiple labels throughout its journey from the warehouse to consumers.
  • Shipment – With global parcel shipping predicted to hit 100 billion in volume by 2021 there’ll be a fair number of address and parcel labels in use.

Research has shown that personalized labels have proven to have a positive impact on business and customer relationships. Use a one-stop-shop to provide such labels and give a unique look to your brand and products while providing long-lasting cover to them. We dominate the market in printing top-quality labels of varying specifications. So, obtain a great value for money deal that fits easily into your budget and saves you the cost of replacing damaged products.

Ken Wilson

Printingblue provides high-quality custom printed products at affordable prices and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are confident that no other company can match our quality and pricing for custom stickers, folders, banners, retail packaging and other printing services. Printingblue™ has absolutely no hidden fees or charges. We offer volume discounts and special perks for our valued customers including free graphic design services, free lamination and free shipping.

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