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Use Custom Static Cling Decals – an effective branding tool

Use Custom Static Cling Decals

Generate the maximum amount of curiosity among potential customers and enable them to immediately spot your brand and products through the competition.

Incorporate the latest technology

Advancements in technology over time have always proved beneficial for businesses, paving way for the introduction of new marketing devices and venues. Businesses do not just restrict themselves to conventional promotional tools anymore. Due to cut-throat competition in the market, creative techniques are adopted by sellers for their products’ promotion. Positioning the brand uniquely has become extremely important to elevate brand identity among customers and make them more aware of the brand’s existence among peers. Renewed and fresh ideas are researched frequently for maximum engagement from the customers.

Interesting and vibrant logos catch customers’ attention instantly encouraging them to select the brand over the many choices available. Custom static cling decals are new-age advertising devices that can be easily placed anywhere and provide 24/7 promotional benefits. They can be used permanently or during seasonal promotions. These are stickers that use an electromagnetic charge to cling to various glass surfaces while avoiding mess created by traditional stickers. Some other benefits that these decals provide include:

  • Can be reused several times, making it a cost-effective option compared to conventional stickers
  • Don’t require technical assistance for application and reapplication.
  • Cost less than other marketing options.
  • Can be easily applied on any glass surface.

Custom static cling decals

Multiple functions served by them

They are now widely being used for multiple purposes:

  1. To educate customers of the different products available in-store.
  2. On shops’ windows to convey the opening and closing times.
  3. Outside restaurants displaying daily specialties.
  4. To convey certain rules to be followed on the premises.
  5. To state the availability of certain main items in the retail outlet.
  6. For seasonal and general promotions, special offers, and special hours.

Why go for these decals?

Attractive and engaging decals divert customer attention to them. Alluring texts and colorful logos aid in making a powerful statement. It not only helps in increasing brand recognition but also provides a good platform for communicating brand and product information. Customers tend to select brands that are familiar and feel comfortable in placing their trust in them. Customer retention is crucial in maintaining a steady sales volume. A lot of intrinsic details can be displayed through these decals that cannot be included in traditional advertising campaigns. Our team of designers is here 24/7 to help you obtain classy decals that meet your precise requirements. The most beneficial aspect of such decals is that they are conveniently customizable in any shape and size to efficiently convey all advertising material. Variations comprise the following:

  • Optional transparent background – to create a stronger visual effect.
  • Custom die-cut shapes – these are especially useful to be used in smaller spots.
  • Face static – for a better cling
  • Printing on backer – this suit indoor usage
  • Extended backer – to include increased information
  • Both sides printed – this allows for more efficient utilization of resources at the disposal
  • Multiple designs – custom options are available to align these decals with the brand’s identity

Exclusive features like these elevate the overall appearance and impact of these decals and help to reach the desired business objectives with the utmost ease. They are perfect for windows and glasses and indoor usage. This means that businesses can place them in spots that grab customer attention most effectively. Any window or glass can be turned into an advertising billboard, giving sellers ample opportunity for promotion and exposure.

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer all customer queries. Fast production turnaround time ensures quick deliveries. All shipping and handling are offered free of charge. Eco-friendly materials are used to give a responsible image of the business. Moreover, clients can also order a free sample kit to see the real thing before finalizing orders. Clients can also benefit from no minimum order requirement to order as much as they desire. These custom static cling decals prove to be the most profitable option to grab in terms of enhancing the brand’s appeal and improving the productivity of promotional gadgets a few notches high. So, seize this opportunity to immediately encapsulate your audience!

Ken Wilson

Printingblue provides high-quality custom printed products at affordable prices and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are confident that no other company can match our quality and pricing for custom stickers, folders, banners, retail packaging and other printing services. Printingblue™ has absolutely no hidden fees or charges. We offer volume discounts and special perks for our valued customers including free graphic design services, free lamination and free shipping.

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