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Useful Email Templates To Deal With Popular Sales Objections

Objections are part and parcel of selling. Statistically, eight out of 10 salespeople will get at least four objections before closing the deal on the fifth attempt. Thankfully, as the best sales course will teach, objections aren’t set in stone. There’s always room to win prospects over.

With a well-crafted follow-up email, you can steer the prospect in the right direction and salvage the deal. This article will uncover email templates that you can use to bounce back from some of the most common objections to boost your sales targets.

Handling hidden objections


Sometimes a prospect will raise a vague objection, for example: “I don’t know about this,” or “I’ve always been with product X.” Unclear objections usually mask a hidden concern such as a lack of interest or an issue with the price. So, it helps to get to the bottom of these vague sales objections so you can try to address the real objection.

Here’s an example of an email to probe prospects to uncover their real concerns:

Hi [prospect name],

I appreciate your response. If you had no other concerns, how would you feel about [your product or service]?

If you’re open to it, I’d like to know some of the specific challenges you may be facing right now. [Your product/service name] might provide a solution we haven’t discussed yet.

Let’s schedule a time convenient for you to talk more about this.


[Your name]

Asking the right questions allows your prospect to reveal the real reason behind vague objections.

The prospect’s response will frame how you respond next. If the prospect does not respond at all, it could mean they were not a good fit and you may need to restrategize. For example, you could consider a refresher course in prospecting to coach you on finding better leads.

If you can coax the prospect to reveal why they object to your offering, you will be better placed to craft a follow-up email to breathe life into the transaction. For example, if the prospect says they aren’t comfortable with the price, then utilize a price objection email template to better address their concerns.


Dealing with price objections


Price objections are usually the most common type of objection that you will meet when selling. Prospects may not jump to accept your price offer because:

  • The prospect doesn’t have enough money.
  • The potential customer hasn’t grasped the value your offering can bring to them.
  • Price objections require little to no preparation; they’re a knee-jerk response.

You often need to figure out why the price doesn’t sit well with the prospect and craft your email to steer the prospect toward a close.

It’s important to start your email by showing that you empathize with the prospect’s concerns about the price vis a vis their budget. Then, if possible, proceed to offer a solution that allows the customer to get the best value for a lower price.

For instance, you can offer a reduced product or service bundle that includes the key features of your offering to cater to prospects with budget concerns. As your prospect’s business grows, you can offer to hook them up with the fuller package to unlock more features.

At this stage, it’s advisable to avoid rushing to offer a discount. One of the key takeaways from training courses for salespeople is that premature discounts signal to the customer that your product or service is not worth its original price. Discounting early could also signal that you have more to give away and prompt the prospect to ask for more discounts.

Here’s an example template for an email to handle sales price objections:

Hi [prospect name],

Having read your comments about the price, I understand your budgetary concerns.

If the price per package is not to your satisfaction, we can offer a lighter, lower-priced version of our package that will tackle your needs for less.

We can agree on a customized package that focuses on the features that address your immediate, most critical needs and adjust it for you as your needs expand.

I would like to show you a case study that shows the growth that [company X] achieved with a similar package.

If you’re free tomorrow, can we set aside time to discuss the details? Let me know if this works for you.


[Your name]

Handling the alternative supplier objection


When the prospect is already buying from the competition, it may be difficult for them to switch to your offering at the drop of a hat – especially if they’re paying less with the competition.

The best courses on sales emphasize that you need to highlight your product or service as a solution to the customer’s challenges to win their interest.

Use the email to address the main issues raised by the prospect. Some of the issues you can cover include:

  • Highlighting how your product or service fills the gap in the prospect’s relationship with the competitor.
  • Offering an introductory discount to counter the competitor’s lower price while shining the light on the superiority of your offering.
  • If the objection is based on a contract with your competitors, showing the prospect how returns will make up for the cost of breaking the contract.

Your email can read like this:

Hi [prospect name],

I fully appreciate that you have been using [competitor’s name] for some time now. I’m not asking you to stop using [product/service X]. I would like to show you the additional benefits you are missing out on.

Our [product/service] gives better [specific advantage, e.g. ROI per quarter at 150%]. This is because [your product/service name] focuses more on [unique objective, e.g. improving checkout rates].

As research shows, more than 50% of customers won’t complete the purchase if the checkout takes more than eight minutes.

I would like to take the opportunity to show you how some of our customers’ returns shot up after they migrated to us.

Are you free for a discussion tomorrow? We can schedule a call at your convenience.

Best regards,

[Your name]

The best salespeople push beyond initial objections to turn those objections into sales. With the right words, you can use your emails to help overcome sales objections and catapult your sales success.

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