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Useful Travel Tips For Australia: A Complete Guide To Australia Tour

Australia is a beautiful country that is filled with surprises and resources. Read this blog to get the detailed information about Australia tour.

Australia is a beautiful country that is filled with surprises and resources. This why people always look for Australia Tour guide online. Those who have already visited the country must have experienced the thrill and adventure of the place.

But if you plan to visit the country sooner, you must be looking for some helpful tips that can help you go around the country better. Here in this article, we have fabricated a complete guide for you which is going to be a one-stop solution to your Australia tour –


  • Must tourist spots to visit in Australia Tour



  • The famous Opera House at Sydney

 You can also watch the boats in the same location. But visit the opera house which is mainly famous for its beautiful architecture.

You can also come across a sumptuous meal at the restaurants along with getting a tour of the theatres, studios, concert halls, exhibitions, and cinemas.

  • Great Barrier Reef

Here you also go for diving and snorkeling with the inhabitants. This is probably the best place for scuba diving. This spot is known to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

It has more than 3000 coral reefs and loads of scenic islands, which would ultimately make your day better.


  • Other tourist spots that you must experience  during Australia Tour-

  • Visit the Kangaroo Island in Adelaide.
  • Take a road trip to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.
  • Gold Coast, where you can surf.
  • Go for a day tour to Brisbane to visit the rainforest and glow worm caves.
  • Visit Queensland for its mountains and beaches.
  • Visit the Heide Museum of Modern Art and have a look at this unusual place.
  • Go to Harbor Bridge, which is considered to be an engineering wonder.
  • You can go to Melbourne Chapel Street for shopping.
  • Visit Sea World Marine Park and get astonished by the view.
  • Visit Kakadu National Park, which is not only a World Heritage Site but also Australia’s largest national park.
  • Spend some time at Fraser island to experience nature closely.
  • Get a tour of Tasmania’s Museum Of Old and New Art and also get to taste some of the best dishes in the area.
  • Ride in hot air balloons in Yarra Valley and experience the bird view of massive vineyards and landscapes.
  • For more shopping, you can visit the Rundle Mall in Adelaide too.
  • Feel the happening vibe at Bondi Beach.



  • Travel Tips to follow while you are doing  Australia Tour –

  • Get your documents translated

It might happen that you are facing some emergency and need to travel to Australia. It can be a medical urgency or a career opportunity, but you should always be entirely prepared before visiting the country.

So, in that case, you need to get your documents and papers translated from Australian Translation Services so that you can experience a hassle-free stay in the country. Once your copies are transferred to the native language, you would not face any difficulty or botheration from Australian authorities or officials.

Even if you are roaming around from one city to the other, it would be best to get your vital papers translated.

Documents like birth certificate, license, marriage certificates, medical report, police reports, or any other essential form that would help you have a pleasant stay in the country should be translated without any second thought.


  • Smoke lesser

If you have a constant habit of smoking, it would be better to know that cigarettes are costly. Moreover, the Government does not take this habit very nicely.

So, suppose you are a chain smoker. In that case, it is preferable to leave the habit at your home for a few days till you come back from your visit or else be prepared to spend a considerable amount on the cigarettes that would almost sum up to the entire holiday expenditure itself.


  • Road safety

Always remember that Australian cars still drive to the left. If you are going, you also need to follow similar traffic rules as per the Government.

But if you plan to walk or take a stroll, always check the right side or both sides, preferably before crossing the road.


  • Australian swim

Australian water bodies are well known for the massive sharks. So if you are a novice in Australian waters, then do not go swimming alone. Always take an expert to assist you.

You would also see flags in the water bodies, which indicates that you might not face sharks if you swim between them. So, follow the instructions accordingly if you do not plan to encounter a shark face to face.


  • Emergency number

If you are facing any emergency where you need to contact the police, ambulance, or fire extinguishing services, you can call the number 000 in that case.

This number is Australia’s emergency contact, and you would not have to worry about being rescued if you dial this number.


  • Renting is expensive

The rental charges in Australia are calculated per week, not a month. So, if you plan to rent a home or a flat to live in, you must talk in detail with the broker.

The charges are not that cheap; moreover, you need to pay it every week, so think wisely before settling for a particular property.


  • Wine, alcohol, and coffee

Aussies are excellent with all three of them. But it is highly recommended for every visitor to visit the vineyards where you taste the world’s best wine.

Even if you love coffee, they can make the tastiest coffee that you have ever tasted. In the case of alcohol, the people of Australia love to drink. You would simply fall in love with the fantastic taste of the local beers there.


  • Internet is down

Before visiting Australia, you must know that the internet is very slow and highly expensive. Moreover, you will not get connectivity or Wifi anywhere you see.

The way out to this problem is to buy a hotspot for yourself. But if you are addicted to the internet and social media, you might face some issues during your stay in the country.


  • Weather extremities

Be prepared for the extreme temperatures in the different parts of the country. It might snow in some places, but in the other top areas of the map, you will find hotter degrees, which can even cause a sunstroke in humans.

So, everyone must use sunscreens and drink a lot of water every day to avoid sunburns and dehydration.

During Australian summers, the temperature can rise more than 40 degrees, which feels like 50 degrees. If you are not ready to tolerate that much heat, you need to think twice before visiting the country.


So, Australia is a vast country with many diverse tourist spots where you can create the best memories of your lifetime. You should also get to know that due to the recent pandemic, the Australian authorities are maintaining stringent quarantine laws and rules for visitors.   Even every years thousands of students visit to Australia for higher studies. Read this blog to know about the top 5 universities in Australia for 2020-2021.

You must not carry any forbidden items or animals in your luggage while entering the country or might be prosecuted. But if you can abide by the laws and rules, it can be assured that your stay in Australia can prove to be the best experience of your entire life.

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