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Using Wrist Alarms For The Elderly To Guarantee Safety And Independence

The use of personal alarms has contributed greatly to care for the elderly while at home. This is more the case when they are unable to reach for a phone to contact a family members for help. Despite the apparent high demand for these security devices such as wrist alarms for the elderly, they are getting increasingly affordable throughout the world intruder alarms Manchester.

Independence without compromising the security of elderly

Before the advent of personal safety devices, the younger family members have been left helpless and worried about how best to care for their elderly. However, this has significantly changed as there are effective tools that enable them to monitor the safety of their loved ones remotely. It is now possible to safely take care of the elderly even when they stay alone. The younger family members usually committed to their care can enjoy their independence of pursuing a career and work with relative ease.

Previously, the special nature of the needs of the elderly necessitated their admission to specialized facilities. Often, such facilities charge an arm and leg to take care of them. Thus, security systems have made it possible to delay their admission for a number of years hence saving a lot. The right to independence of the elderly is equally protected.

Personal safety options

Personal safety devices come in a number of options. The more prevalent types are worn as a pendant or a wristband. Some can be clipped to the belt. Yet still, there are types that come with accessories to adapt for wearing the alarm button either as a pendant around the neck or as a wrist band. Users can pick their preferred options which offer different conveniences. The wrist alarm for elderly can be particularly discreet as it can be covered by the cuff of the shirt. This can be useful when alarm is supposed to be raised without the knowledge of attackers to aid rescue.

Additional features

A wrist alarm for elderly helps the elderly to summon help when they fall or feel unwell at home. The wrist alarm can also be fitted with a GPS tracker that can help to locate the elderly if they wander off a property. With additional features, the wrist alarm can collect vital health information such as heart beat rate and body temperature.

Usually the personal safety alarms are composed of a panic button and a base unit which has a speaker. The button generates a signal once activated which then prompts the base unit to either call nominated contact persons or a help line service. If the user of the alarm is able to communicate, the help centre will engage them to find out what the emergence is for appropriate action. Action can involve calling the nominated persons or get emergency services such as the fire brigade.


There is no doubt that the elderly deserve extra care which you cannot always provide unaided. That is why personal alarms is offering you all the necessary personal safety devices such as wrist alarms for the elderly. This is all the support you need to sufficient show love to your loved ones by having emergency support available any time of the day and night irrespective of your location.


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