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Vaping And Vape Pens Top Interesting Facts To Know About

Interesting Facts About Vape Pens & Vaping

Waping is becoming a preferred method for many people to enjoy. Whether you’re a vaper or not, you’ve probably seen people on the streets and in coffee shops using different types of vaping products such as hookah pens, dry herb vaporizer and vape pens. As it’s a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, many smokers have turned to vape as a way to reduce or completely get rid of their smoking habit. There are many tools and accessories available these days such as herb grinder.

As we’re also slowly but surely learning about the vaping world, there are still some things we don’t know about vaping as an experience and vaping products, especially a wax dab pen. To help you understand this rising trend better, we bring you 10 interesting facts about vaping. The Suorin Kit implements a two-piece structure, with a 2mL replaceable cartridge attached that can be conveniently refilled with today’s popular Nicotine.


People Use The Wrong Term For Vape Pens.

You’ve probably seen a vape or weed pen, but yet when we talk about them, we tend to confuse them with e-cigarettes. The real e-cigarettes look a lot like your regular tobacco cigarettes and they are made by tobacco companies. DMT vape pen, on the other hand, don’t look like tobacco cigarettes which can be found in vape stores and online shops. You can also look for dap pens but if you are using them for the first time, check how to smoke dabs to get the maximum effect.

E-liquids Ingredients Are Not A Secret.

If you’re concerned about what you will be vaping, you should know that every e-liquid is based on vegetable glycerin. It doesn’t have a flavor but it’s responsible for producing a lot of vapor. Another ingredient is propylene glycol which is perfectly safe to inhale when it’s vaporized. Unlike vegetable glycerin, it carries flavor very well. Also, we have food-grade flavorings. The last ingredient is pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, which can be added in different amounts.

Vaporizer Batteries Can Explode

Unfortunately, that’s true but it happens only if you’re not carefully utilizing your vaping product. There is truly no need for panic as there have only been 25 reported explosions so far. To prevent it from happening, don’t change your charger and charge your vape pen or any other product during the day. If your batteries ever get wet, immediately replace them with new ones.

Vaping Is A Multi-billion Dollar Industry

As vaping is becoming a preferred method for many people to enjoy this experience without the serious, harmful consequences that smoking has, this industry has turned into a very profitable one. Already in 2017, the vaping industry was worth more than $20 billion. We can only expect this number to grow.

Most E-liquids Contain Nicotine But They Are Not Very Popular

If we asked you do you think that vapers prefer to vape – low-level or high-level nicotine? As much as previous smokers might enjoy the same feeling when comparing nicotine in tobacco cigarettes and vape products, as they get used to vaping, they will start choosing low-nicotine products over high-nicotine products. There are also nicotine free E-juice like fantasia hookah flavors and almost e hookah liquids

The Idea For A Non-tobacco Cigarette Goes All The Way 

In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert requested a patent for a non-tobacco cigarette. However, the modern device as we know it today appeared on the market in 2003. This modern e-cigarette was invented by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik who created a device that will help him to stop smoking.

Vaping Is A Sport

Okay, maybe it’s not a sport, but there are competitive events held around vaping, and some people even think of “cloud-chasing” as a sport. As they are competing for really cool cash prizes, professional cloud chasers will work months on improving their tricks to ensure the best place in such competitions.

20% Of Americans Are Vaping Once A Day

Vaping has become a highly popular activity among Americans, especially young ones. As they’re learning about the negative consequences of tobacco smoking, they turned to vape as an alternative solution. It’s so popular that 20% of Americans vape at least once a day.

Vaping Is Preferred More By Women Than Men

According to Statista, 60% of women tried vapes. When it comes to men, only 45% of them have reported trying vaping even once. It’s also preferred more by younger people as 80% of people aged 18-29 have tried it.

Some Vaping Products Cost More Than Several Thousands Of Dollars

When you compare vaping and smoking expenses, you will notice that you save money with vaping. However, for those who enjoy luxurious items, there are even vaping products that cost tens of thousands of dollars. The most expensive one is being sold for $887,000.

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