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Health and Medical

Various Things To Know About Medical Marijuana In Alabama

Alabama has approved the medical marijuana law on the 17th of May 2021 under the leadership of Governor Kay Ivey. The government has announced to legalize the cultivation, transporting, sale, and distribution of medical cannabis. The officials have found that the use of cannabis will not only support patients in managing pains. But will also provide them with a quality life. It also offers employment to the farmers and ultimately boosts the revenue of the State. So, now the Alabamans are legally protected under the medical marijuana law to use it. Though, the State will start the program soon as the availability of weed is not here to date. But, it is vital to be well-informed on how to get medical marijuana in Alabama (AL).

Qualifying medical conditions for AL Medical Marijuana Commission

It is often noticed that many patients do not have proper amplification on the qualifying conditions. These conditions are only for those who want to attain benefits under AMMC. So, it is better to go through them to prevent any confusion.

Cancer: If responsible for weight losing, chronic pain, nausea, and vomiting

PTSD: A psychological disorder of failure after recovering from a surgical treatment

Epilepsy: A problem related to the nerve system that causes disturbance in the brain

Chronic pain: A condition that is consistently untreatable with Opioid
Panic disorder: Usually a psychological condition that forms anxiety and panic attacks result in rapid heart rate and sweating

Terminal illness, HIV, Autism, and Depression, etc., are also included in qualifying conditions.

These are the permissible medical conditions that you should keep in mind while registering under Alabama Medical Marijuana Commission. You cannot get permission under any circumstances and special grounds to use cannabis unless you have one condition among these.

There are also some eligibility requirements despite the medical conditions. You must understand them to avoid any glitches in the near future for using weed.

1. You must be at least 18 years old to obtain medical marijuana in Alabama. Though, legally there is no age requirement for medicinal cannabis. But if you are under 18, you need a caregiver to act on your behalf for purchasing and possessing cannabis. You can make one of your parents a legal caregiver for registration.

2. You must be diagnosed with one of the earlier mentioned medical conditions.

3. You must be approved for the medical marijuana card in the State of Alabama.

Now focus on the concern is the prime point of this post. How to get medical marijuana in Alabama? There are some qualifying conditions, or you can say eligibility criteria or rules.

You may have to go through a 3-step procedure to finally obtain your medical marijuana. By completing the following procedure, you can lawfully plan your therapeutic plan with cannabis.


Schedule an appointment in-person or online with one of the registered medical marijuana physicians. It would be best if you mentioned the clear reason for the appointment in the form.


Visit the physician that is certified by the AL state under the medical marijuana bill. The medical professional will evaluate your condition and decide if you could get benefit from cannabis.


If you have a qualifying health condition, you probably get a written recommendation from the doctor. You could use this certification while applying for the medical marijuana card in AL.

What documents and forms are required for medical marijuana card application?

It is also a good query that might roam around your mind. If you want to register for Alabama medical marijuana card, you need to follow these guidelines.

You will need to fill out an application form issued by the medical marijuana commission. With a little fee of 65 dollars, you should submit the form online to the commission.

Along with the form, you must enclose the written recommendation or certification by the physician. It is a mandate to submit a certification by the doctor as proof of your medical cannabis patient.

You also need to show valid ID proof. It may be your driving permit or State ID. You will also need to submit proof of your residency in Alabama.

How to find a certified medical marijuana physician in AL?

It might also put you in a dilemma when it comes to finding a medical cannabis doctor. Thanks to the functional telemedicine platforms that can help you with finding a doctor at your convenience. You can consult with a good online service and can schedule an appointment while sitting inside your home comfort. The experts can make your connection with a doctor through the mobile, smart tab, and computer. The physician could assess your medical records and can provide you with recommendations to complete further registration. You can also get an application form by the commission through the telemedicine platform.

Rules and regulations for medical marijuana in Alabama

Who can use medical weed in AL?

The use of medical cannabis restricts only to qualified patients. For instance, if you have an eating disorder or pain in the shoulders only, you are not eligible. It could make a legal charge if you try to use marijuana for a non-qualified condition. Moreover, the use of recreational marijuana is legal in many US states. But, it is completely banned in Alabama as it can impose a threat to public safety. Any use of weed for recreational purposes would be charged with a strict legal felony.

In what forms is medical weed available in AL?

First of all, cannabis will only be available at the licensed State dispensaries. No one would allow buying the weed from unauthorized sources as it is punishable under the law. The dose must be purchased only in the authenticated form such as:

Tinctures or capsules allow for consumption.

In the form of topical like gel, oil, and cream

Liquid and oil for the inhalers

Non-sugar-coated gel-based cubes and nebulizers

The daily dose quantity is 50 milligrams only, and it cannot be exceeding this amount. However, it could increase to 75 milligrams with the doctor’s discretion only.

How long is the AL medical marijuana card valid?

Upon receiving your AL medical marijuana card, you can use it for one year. After completing the validation period, you have to renew it from the Department of Health in Alabama. It is also necessary to keep the card along while visiting the dispensary for purchasing weed. Without the card, you will not entertain to get the weed.

Benefits of acquiring medical marijuana card in the cotton state

Being a patient, it is not only necessary to know how to get medical marijuana in Alabama. But, you must also know the benefits of having an AL medical marijuana card.

Legal protection

Having a card will let you prevent any legal action against purchasing, possessing, and transporting marijuana. It will indicate that you are a registered beneficiary under Alabama medical marijuana commission.

Access to any weed dispensary

You will have access to any of the State pharmacies to attain medical marijuana. Hence, the Alabama state is big, and if you are not at your residence, you can attain weed from anywhere. In this, you are only allows to get it from the dispensary.

Effective treatment of ailment

Marijuana has a CBD compound that clinically proves to address several health issues. It has cure properties that can help in many health ailments to improve patients’ conditions. So, if you are suffering from a health problem, it could help you to get fair treatment. Regular use can also lead to a quality life that is everyone deserves in the US.

The Final Summary

The information given above is completely justified to let you know how to get medical marijuana in Alabama. You should follow various steps involved in certification and attaining medical marijuana card. For any assistance, you can log into

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