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Video Content Marketing: 7 Tips You Can Use in Your Business

The experts in the marketing world have suggested that video is one of the most significant advancements, it is an essential aspect of marketing strategy for many organizations in the UAE. The videos do help in the conversion of sales and building trust among consumers.

On the other hand, content improves your ability to increase viewers’ engagement. The video content is engaging and tells the stories to connect the audience with the brand. The more engaging the content will be, the more the audience can relate to your brand, and also help to understand what you are offering to them.

Using video and content altogether wisely will help you to boost your sales. And in this article we are going to tell how you can use video content marketing for the effectiveness of your business, we are going to share some tips which will be helpful to you.

Without further adieu, let’s dive into those tips.

1. Concentrate on Story, Not on Sales

If you want your video to be seen, it must be creating some form of value for the audience. Videos that are greatly focused solely on the promotion of brands and offerings, there are more chances that it will be ignored by customers.

That is the reason why your videos need to focus more on telling stories so that your audience can relate to the brand, instead of just promoting the brand. Stories that bring nostalgic feelings, emotions, feelings, and history will be more useful. You need to write a strong story that has some emotions, feelings, memories.

Sales-centric videos will not be helpful in any scenarios, we suggest that you should focus more on story-based content, which ultimately enhances your sales.

2. Utilize initial 5-10 seconds wisely

We know that it is very hard to put effective content in a video within a limited time frame. But those 5-10 seconds are so important that it is considered to be the key measure of any video content. If it is engaging initially then the audiences will stick to your video.

This is known as RAS (Reticular Activating System) which performs as a sorting filter, it suggests what is more significant for us and discards what is useless. That is why those 5-10 seconds in your video are so important. The audience will reject it if it is not engaging. So make your video content more engaging by utilizing some extra efforts in the first few seconds.

However, you can create the RAS filter by considering 4 techniques

  • Why your audience should watch
  • Stimulate emotions
  • Generate contrast
  • Be distinctive

3. Include Humor

As per experts’ suggestions, including humorous content in your videos may help in creating personal relations. Mystic PR has experts who have expertise in their field of work; It is considered to be the social bonding approach. If your video makes your audiences laugh or smile, then you successfully forging the bond between you and them, also if they find it funny, they are likely to share it with their friends.

Production houses in dubai, China, India, and America use this kind of content strategy to communicate effectively with their audience or potential customers.

You should also include this in your video and make the content in that manner.

4. Answer queries of customers and educate the audience

Whenever you create the video for promotion of your brand, do educate your audiences instead of promoting, in this way your audience will understand about your offerings and products, while the sale-focused videos are not entertaining and viewers easily lose their interest. And there will be no point in that video.

Also, create the content for the video which can answer the query of your customer. They always look for the solution, whether on Google or YouTube. You have to address the questions that are associated with the product type you are selling,

Both techniques will help you to increase your customer base as well as your sales. To implement them in your video content marketing strategy.

5. Video content in stages of the customer’s journey.

The best way to utilize video content marketing is in your customer’s journey of the purchasing process. There are different stages of the journey where you should target your customer easily through videos. Such as:

  • Educational videos: in this stage you providing the information which your customers are seeking and how you are going to solve their problems
  • Explainer Videos: in this stage of the customer’s journey you tell through video how you are going to solve their issues with your products.
  • Demos and Testimonial videos: After displaying and demos and what others say about your brands you can pursue your audience to decide upon purchasing a specific product.

However, each stage is unique on its own and reflects your major purpose.

6. Evaluate Previous Content

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your content it is better that you evaluate the prior content you used, and improvise it accordingly, as it is always a better thing to do. This tactic will help create new content for your videos.

Any kind of response, positive or negative on your past content will help you to understand what needs to be done to improve your content, what to include and what to discard. Through this improvisation, your marketing tactics will respond to basic decisions that affect the process of making videos.

However, some essential points suggest you can create thoughtful video content.

  • Upgrade your acknowledged marketing tactic
  • Understand your customers and their geographical locations
  • Start with small
  • Test

 7. Utilize videos that impact your customers socially

You make the process much easier by enhancing communication among your consumers and brand through promotional campaigns. Any social message in your video will increase engagement as well as communication which is the major purpose of your video.

This strategy can effectively be used to pursue your potential customers to buy your products.


Customers are becoming more and more focused on the product offerings; Content should be attractive and functional; they are easily attracted to brands. However, merging effective content and better videos together will produce enhanced results for your brand.

The reason of giving you the tips of video marketing is because the world is now transferring to the digital world. Technology is the main center point despite the marketing choice. As we know that the concept of Out-of-House or OOH is evolving to the new concept which is Digital Out-of-House. Basically, the concept of DOOH also lie around the concept of video content marketing.

DOOH is a way of creating awareness about your business, its products or services through action running billboards. This is a very creative way because it attracts more and more customers and helps businesses to get more reach or viewers.

The tips we shared with you about video content marketing will help your business to grow if you use them wisely. Creative and engaging video content will result in better sales outcomes.

It takes proper timing to make high-performing videos. But having the correct content plan for your videos with some creativity you can encourage your customers to watch and make the purchasing decision.

We hope that you all have found this article interesting and informative, if you want more tips, then let us know by commenting below.

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