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VIP Desert Safari Holidays to Enjoy the True Flavour of the UAE

VIP Desert Safari Holidays to Enjoy the True Flavour of the UAE

On your desert safari in Dubai, you can spend time visiting various tourist attractions, sightseeing, shopping and dining. Dubai is the most modern city in the UAE and features skyscrapers, steel and glass buildings and a fast-developing business and finance sector. There are many sightseeing spots in Dubai and around the city to give the visitors a feel of the city life. The Al Boom Tourist Village is a very popular attraction, with water parks, theme parks, shopping arcades and a wide array of restaurants and bars.

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

For those looking forward to a vacation with an extra touch of luxury, VIP desert safari holidays in Dubai could be the ultimate experience. It shares its international airport with four other countries, which form the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). All airlines have flights to Dubai and are well supplied with their services. They cater to all kinds of budgets and there are plenty of activities to do in Dubai, making it the best choice for a VIP desert safari holiday.

During your VIP desert safari holidays in Dubai, there are some things that you should not miss. Desert Safari is one of the popular activities to do in Dubai. This tour takes place at the Desert and will give you a chance to feed camels and watch them drink and interact with the local villagers. You can also go for a boat ride on the Al Maktoum Creek and enjoy the shimmering waters of the Arabian Desert.


Another activity that you should not miss when taking a desert safari in Dubai is the sunrise and sunset desert safaris. You will see the sunrise in red and blue. You will also see the sunset in the opposite direction. It is interesting to watch the two sunsets side by side. On your desert safari in Dubai, you can enjoy the camels, horses and elephants moving across the sand dunes.

There are several spots around Dubai where you can enjoy desert safari holidays. You can go to the Al Hajar Mountains and have a helicopter trip to watch the scenery. You can also view the landscapes from the comfort of a Hummer along the Al Hajar Mountains. Dubai is lucky to have these two mountains as they are part of the kingdom of Fujairah.

After the helicopter, you can continue to the Dune Bashing. Here you will experience the thrill of driving through the desert. You will go through a tunnel where you will see huge sand dunes. This part of the desert is called the Dune Bashing area.

Go to Camel farm and have a camel ride around the area. The drive is around five hours long so this should not be a problem. After the ride, you will return to the safari resort. This area also offers desert safaris for those willing to spend the day camping in the open spaces.

You can also spend a few days in Desert Dubai. The Desert National Park is here, which is home to a rare white rhino. You can camp in the desert and go on a walking safari exploring the nearby areas. Or you can just have a dip in the shallow but clean swimming pools. These are some of the best desert safari holidays that Dubai has to offer.

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