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Viral Hepatitis: Indications, Causes, and Prevention

People should always be conscious about their overall health. If they notice any bodily changes that appear unusual, it is necessary to seek medical attention. Individuals who observe a change in their skin color and suffer from unbearable joint pain are more likely to get diagnosed with viral hepatitis. They should consult the hepatologist in Lahore. The specialist can help diagnose the problem and provide treatment accordingly.

Viral hepatitis is also known as infectious jaundice. Hepatitis A virus affects liver functioning and causes inflammation. It is a contagious disease that can last for a long time; however, the vaccine has been proven effective in treating viral hepatitis.

Signs and Symptoms of Viral Hepatitis

The signs that indicate a person suffering from viral hepatitis include:

  • There is a visible change in the color of the skin. The patient and others can notice the eyes and skin become yellowish.
  • The patient can notice the change in the color of the urine. The dark color of urine indicates that the individual is suffering from hepatitis.
  • The patient can notice swelling in the lower extremities. Additionally, the patient suffers from joint pain that hinders them from performing daily tasks.
  • The patient can notice the change in the color of the stool. The clay-colored stool is a sign of hepatitis virus.
  • The person remains inactive due to lethargy.
  • There are recurrent episodes of nausea and vomiting.
  • The person experiences pain in the abdominal region. The person can narrow down the location of the pain, and it is near the liver.
  • Individuals lose their appetite.
  • The patient suffers from low-grade fever most of the time.

Known Causes of Viral Hepatitis

The disease is contagious. The common causes of viral hepatitis are:

  • The individuals came in direct contact with an infected person.
  • The person came in contact with contaminated water or food.
  • The person consumed undercooked or raw fish. 
  • The person ate food prepared in polluted water.
  • The person consumed raw fruits or vegetables without washing them thoroughly.
  • Individuals had oral or anal sex with an infected person.
  • Sharing needles or syringes can lead to viral hepatitis.

Ways to Prevent Contracting Viral Hepatitis

The steps that help minimize the probability of getting infected include:

  • Everyone should get vaccinated against the virus to reduce the chances of complications.
  • If a family member or peer is diagnosed with hepatitis, it is best to maintain distance.
  • There should be no sexual interaction with the person diagnosed with hepatitis.
  • People should make sure their hands are washed before consuming food,
  • People should make sure they are not drinking contaminated. It is best to either use mineral or boiled water.
  • The food and fruits should be washed properly before use,
  • If someone is diagnosed with the disease, it is best to avoid preparing food, as it may cause others to suffer from hepatitis.

Tests to Diagnose Viral Hepatitis

The tests that help the doctor diagnose the problem include: 

  • Patient History:  The doctor will ask the patient about their medical history and places they have visited. It helps know If others from the place are suffering from similar symptoms.
  • Blood Testing: The test helps to detect; if there is the presence of the virus in the body.

Treatment for Viral Hepatitis:

The patients suffering from milder symptoms usually recover on their own. However, if people are exposed to others diagnosed with hepatitis, the immune globulin vaccine can help in prevention.

People who exhibit correlating symptoms should visit the hepatologist in Islamabad. The specialist will help the patient understand the cause and severity of their condition. Additionally, they will help the patient understand how they need to keep themselves isolated to stop the spread and avoid further complications.

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