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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Trends

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR/VR) enrich the world with visual information, offering thrills and technical insights. The AR/VR business offers ground-breaking uses and billions in growth from healthcare to gaming.

Over the past few months, we have witnessed a considerable increase in XR usage in businesses, and this trend is only expected to continue. The VR Studio forecasts put this technology at trends that will mark this year due to its benefits to numerous sectors and its attractiveness when dealing with brands.

Research shows that this technology is just starting, and by 2022, the global market for AR and VR is expected to expand to $209 billion. We have collated the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Trends: 

Online Stores That Use Virtual Reality Technology

Making a purchase no longer carries the same connotation as it once did, and shoppers are looking for ways to make their trips more enjoyable. Providing this kind of digital immersion is becoming important as a new type of shopper emerges who prefers to engage with things online before making a trip to a physical store.

Furthermore, we are not only referring to apparel, but it applies to accessories like eyewear or furniture, and household products, all of which can be accessed from the palm of our hand with a smartphone. Smart mirrors and near-field communication (NFC) tags can help create a memorable in-store experience that converts browsers into buyers.

Improved Interior Navigation

One further significant development in augmented reality is the shift toward more intuitive means of transportation. In this area, augmented reality-based solutions have the most effective potential for enhancing the experience.

For instance, Google Maps’ augmented reality walking directions have come a long way since they first debuted in 2019. 

The Role of Mixed Reality in Healthcare

When it comes to medical treatment, augmented reality is making massive changes. The development of such tools allows for the highest quality of treatment and makes the healthcare team’s job more accessible overall.

Experts estimate that by 2026, this market will be worth $2.4 billion. The most common application is in the operating room, where surgeons utilize it for planning and executing procedures and determining the best possible paths through the body to reach the organs in need of surgery.


AR’s influence on employee training is fascinating, and its future is bright in the training sector. It’s a resource that can help people of all levels of seniority learn and comprehend more effectively.

It can also facilitate more active participation from workers, increase safety consciousness, and shorten the learning curve. This technology allows for controlled, interactive, and hands-on learning. It is also far simpler and faster to maintain cutting-edge training since, unlike in reality, the elements employed do not degrade over time. Every worker will go through the same training and be given a score based on their performance.

AR and VR with Artificial Intelligence

The potential applications of combining augmented and virtual reality with artificial intelligence are vast. As has been noticed, state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and other forms of AI enable robots to infer meaning from data and perform automation with greater efficacy. By extrapolating this to the realms of augmented and virtual reality, we can see the development of highly desirable workspaces and excellent applications in interactive object detection and identification.

Customers utilizing the augmented reality (AR) interface on their phones in a store, for instance, may receive automated recommendations from the store’s computer system. Virtual assistants might potentially connect and drive these recommendations, opening up exciting new possibilities for improving both experiences and products.

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