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Visit to Boston and Massachusetts What Can You do and Look Around?

What to do in Boston and in the State of Massachusetts?

State that is the birthplace in the United States, home to top universities around the world. Situated in the east of the coast between nature and the ocean, Massachusetts is among the vibrant and exciting places that are often seen in the movies or on television. From Boston the capital city, to the stunning Cape Cod, a piece of heaven between sea and land, traversed by the legendary witches from Salem or the legendary Harvard Let’s take a look at this fascinating “Bay State” together!

Boston The capital of the United States

A cultural, historical, and economic center, Boston is a completely unusual urban area located in the United States. A key part of the renowned BosWash city, the urban area with a total of 800 km that extends across the entire state of Boston to Washington however, has an identity that is it’s own. A city with a rich history that is accessible on foot, it’s one of the agglomerations that breathe, and where you feel at peace and free, without being overwhelmed by the huge towers.

To find it, look for the common thread. In fact, the Freedom Trail is a path that is traced out on the ground. It’s a big red thread that runs almost 4 kilometers across the city.

It covers all of the famous monuments and most important places to visit. Beginning at Boston Common, one of the oldest gardens that are public in the nation and the location for Bunker Hill, the site of Battle of Bunker Hill, an iconic site for during the Revolutionary War, passing by the government’s seat as well as monuments to Benjamin Franklin, the Old Corner Bookstore or the USS Constitution ship, it’s everything you need to know.

In the middle in this historic neighborhood of Beacon Hill is typical of Boston with its traditional red-brick townhouses. Cobblestone streets, and the Victorian atmosphere that was typical of nineteenth-century England. Beacon Hill is also among the top luxurious and sought-after areas to reside in.

Also, if you are walking close to the port, do not forget to try the “Clam Chowder”. This traditional Boston and classic New England food is thick clam soup that’s extremely delicious.

Harvard As Well As MIT Two Renowned Universities

It’s difficult to discuss Boston without not mentioning these two renowned universities. The nearby city of Cambridge, above all, inspires the highest standards in research and teaching as well as a unique atmosphere for students and a nearly mythical past. Consider this: Harvard is the oldest of American institutions, founded in 1636. It is an integral part of the Ivy League, this very exclusive club of the top eight universities in the nation. The most prosperous university in the world, which draws students from across the globe It is on the campus Facebook was invented in the name of Mark Zuckerberg. The campus is frequently visited by students who are immersed in the numerous stories of life on campus.

MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) is a place that is dedicated to the advancement of science and technology. Established in 1861, it is a renowned university that has numerous Nobel Prize winners and world-class faculty. MIT is also an emblem of excellence as many of the characters in fiction have attended it like Howard Wolowitz in. The Big Bang Theory series, Peter Bishop in the Fringe series. Tony Stark in the Iron Man films, or Benjamin Gates in his adventure films. Which further increased his fame. Like the Harvard campus, MIT can be visited. This makes you want to return to school does it not?

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The Salem Witches

Sometimes a mystery, but legendary and romanticized as it gets the legendary story. The Witches of Salem were a major shock to the region in the 17th century. In 1692 Salem was a tiny town in the coastal region with no history. However, the town’s history is alter after hundreds are charge with witchcraft and 20 are execute following absurd trials.

It began when three little girls began to exhibit strange behavior that is suddenly alarming. They are unable to speak a language, they are dragging their feet and losing their social connections. A type of hysterical situation in which some witches are thought to be the culprits. In a hostile, heavy atmosphere, which is conducive to defamation of slander in the face of pressure from a particular type of religious conservatism. This particular episode that was the subject of the witch-hunt will be link to Salem. Salem.

A variety of explanations have been offer to explain this behavior including religious extremes. Child abuse, or a hallucinogenic compound derived that is derived from the rye seed Ergot – similar to LSD. There is still doubt and the city seizes the chance to bring tourists to experience this fascinating. And the dark story that has been etched in the history of the city for all time. Several museums are interactive and feature actors who recreate the period to life, like The Witch Salem Museum. The Witch House, or the Witch Dungeon Museum.

Another one not to miss In a different style is the stunning historical house that has seven gables. It is one of the most popular and most well-known buildings in the cities. Ideal for exploring its gorgeously decorated rooms, its hidden staircase. And living the life of the newcomers in the new continent.

Cape Cod, Between The Sea And Land

A peninsula that is submerg into the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod is among those natural areas that delight visitors. Imagine vast gorgeous beaches of fine, sandy beaches beautiful and traditional ports. A vast nature reserve, tiny towns that are unique lighthouses that can be see along the wild coastline… In short, it’s an incredible collection of natural beauty that has been preserve and loved by tourists.

Sandwich, the town in Sandwich is among the authentic and traditional little treasures. It is the most prestigious town in the Cape region, built-in 1637 by a group of pilgrims from Europe seeking refuge from persecution for their faith. There are stunning gardens, tiny typical homes with art galleries, and antique shops that add charm to the city. It is also famous for its glass factory, which was establish in 1825.

The east shore in Cape Cod, the “Cape Cod National Seashore” is the wildest natural area that is protect. It is a vast park that includes dunes, moors, cliffs, and ponds. Unique natural ecosystems can be explore on foot or by bicycle by following the extensive cycle path that spans the cape.

In the end, Provincetown is the liveliest town on Cape Cod. It is also it is atypical, creative, and unusual, it’s a beautiful and lively town with narrow streets overlooking the Pilgrim’s Monument Monument, which is a high tower that provides an unobstruct view.

It’s in Provincetown where cruise ships leave to watch the whales that live in their native habitats in the Atlantic Ocean. Shows guaranteed!

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Plymouth The Symbolic

A bit further to the south from Cape Cod, Plymouth is an important city for Americans as it was establish around 1620, by pilgrims who came from Europe on the famed Mayflower. Plymouth is also the 2nd oldest American city alive today.

To be able to experience the past It is possible to look at the location where the pilgrims set foot and see an exact replica vessel that is permanently fix at the harbor. A fascinating historical journey to learn about the everyday life of these people who decided to leave their homes to begin a new life in a different country.

In the end, the Plimoth Plantation is an amazing open-air museum that recreates the everyday life of these pilgrims who arrived in the region during the 17th century. It is a stunning glimpse into daily life that was anything but simple for the time!

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