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Walnuts Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Walnuts are a precious food for our body. 

Here’s what happens when you eat three a day. Nuts are a food often present in our diet. Belonging to dried fruit, they are used in sweets and savory preparations and are excellent as snacks. Rich in good fats, they boast beneficial properties that make Walnuts Nutrition Facts an excellent snack and able to help the body in several respects.

Although they are very caloric (100 grams provide about 680 calories), walnuts when consumed in moderation are more than recommended. According to several studies Walnuts Nutrition Facts, an ideal consumption is that which is around three nuts to be consumed every day in the way you prefer. Doing so, in fact, can certainly improve the physical state by also giving more energy and good mood.

Walnuts: This is what happens to your body if you eat three a day

Eat three nuts a day is a conscious choice and is good for your health. More and more studies show that walnuts are a real super food, able not only to make the meals in which they are inserted more pleasant but also to make serious improvements to the body. So let’s see what are the contributions that can be made by including three nuts in the daily diet.

Health Benefits of Walnuts

  • It has an anti-aging effect thanks to their ability to fight free radicals
  • The blood sugar level tends to regulate itself
  • You feel less hungry thanks to their satiating power
  • Weight is lost more easily
  • It decreases the risk of stroke
  • The heart is in better shape
  • It feels more energetic
  • The pressure is more regular
  • Bad cholesterol is lowered
  • The body is disinfected giving a feeling of general well-being

Perfect as a snack, they can be added to morning yogurt, salads or homemade cakes. They are also good in addition to first and second courses and obviously eaten together with other dried fruit such as, for example, pistachios. What matters is not to overdo the consumption so as not to increase the daily calories ingested too much.

Warning : if you are allergic to nickel, remember that walnuts contain a lot of Walnuts Nutrition Facts. For this reason, before taking them it is better to ask your doctor for advice, especially if you are following a specific diet.

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