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Warning: These 6 Mistakes Can Destroy Your Shipping Boxes Rapidly

Transporting the products safely in the shipping boxes is a skill that every business should learn. Incorrect transportation can lead to many potential problems, which can be catastrophic for the image of your brand in the market. Your packaging should be completely safe so that the integrity of your products is not compromised at all. Learn common mistakes that can damage the shipping packages that you must avoid.

Wrong Selection of Materials:

The selection of the materials for crafting the custom shipping box is an important step as it is crucial in determining its overall strength. The most common mistake which is being repeated time and again by the manufacturers is choosing the wrong materials. You cannot afford it at all as it will prove catastrophic for the originality of the items packed inside the box.

For instance, if you are packing an extremely fragile material that requires high security and safety, you must not opt for the Kraft material. This is because this material is very thin, which is breakable in case the inside item is heavy and more prone to damage. The material choice depends on the type and nature of the product for which you are manufacturing the box. If it is the requirement of the item to go with the corrugated material, you must not opt for the cardboard in this case.

Inappropriate Dimensions of Inserts:

The inserts are additional protective elements that are placed inside the custom shipping box in order to provide an extra cushion of security to the delicate products inside. The main error which is made by the manufacturers while preparing custom shipping boxes with logo, in this case, is the designing of custom inserts with inappropriate dimensions.

This way, the movement of the items inside is not restricted at all due to which they keep on colliding and, as a result, get broken. Therefore, you must take care of designing the custom inserts that precisely match the dimensions of the products so as to contain any sort of movement shipping boxes. The lesser the items move inside, the lower are the chances of them getting destroyed. Similarly, if the dividers are too narrow according to the dimensions of an item, its outer layer will be prone to get damaged.

Not Labeling Packaging Properly:

Sometimes, in the chaos of last-minute packaging and to rush around, mots manufacturers fail to properly label the printed shipping box. This can cause the delivery of the wrong products to the customers who do not like this at all. This can hurt the standing of your brand in the market. It confuses even the companies who are trying to systematically pack the shipping vehicle. To avoid this problem, make sure that your paste the correct labels on the shipping packages.

Not just that, but you also need to take care of the factor that the labels are readable. The labels that are unreadable can result in the delay of the shipment. There are some warnings as well regarding the handling of the shipping packages which need to be conveyed to the people. Otherwise, they may break due to inefficient handling. So, the printed information on the labels must be legible and clear. There are many cardboard printing services that can be used for printing your labels with readable fonts.

Inapt Size of the Box:

The size of the shipping box design also matters when it comes to the protection of the items being shipped. The smaller box for a relatively larger item is not going to take the responsibility of protecting it. Their smaller size makes the product inside will be popping out, and its integrity shipping boxes would be at risk of external factors. Similarly, a larger box for the item of small dimension is not perfect as it will be moving freely inside and get damaged. Since you do not want that to happen, it’s key to take the time to design the perfectly sized shipping packages that have the same dimensions as are of the contents being packed inside them. click here to read latest article


Placing too much weight or products into the shipping packages can produce deformity in their structure. The manufacturers do this just to save money, but they should know that it is ultimately damaging for their business growth. This way, the lids of the boxes do not close properly, and they become difficult to transport safely.

Stacking the deformed or misshaped packages onto the top of one another can lead to their potential collapse. So, you must prevent this from happening by ensuring that the lids of your box close properly when packed. The bottom flaps of the packaging are responsible for carrying most part of the load, so; you must package your products by seeing the strength of these flaps.

Poor Sealing:

The custom shipping packages with poor sealing are more likely to tear apart on their way to final destinations. Especially when they are filled with heavy objects, shipping boxes there is more probability of damage. The bulky object will be falling through the boxes this way, potentially to the toes of the individuals handling or carrying them. In order to avoid this kind of scenario, make sure to properly enclose the packaging with strong custom tape and a double seal.

Before placing the items inside the box, make sure to tape twice along its edges and joints. This way, the box will not get deformed and maintain the security of inside products. To sum up, there are various mistakes made by the manufacturers which can ultimately result in the breaking of postage boxes. To ensure their absolute protection, you must take care of the material you are selecting for crafting them and their size as well. Besides, avoid over-packaging and properly seal them.

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