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Wastewater Management & Treatment Systems | Cleanawater

Clearwater is a long-standing Australian company name in the wastewater industry. Our primary focus is on the betterment of the environment, be it our ecosystem or yours. We take pride in our services and have a lot of experience in wastewater treatment and management. Clean water is a growing wastewater treatment company in Australia that provides a wide variety of wastewater treatment services. As a wastewater management company we have the experience and the knowledge to ensure that your wastewater treatment is carried out the right way and to the highest standard. 

Sewage wastewater treatment is a vital method of protecting the environment 

Cleaning up your water is not something that the average business on thinks about often, but it is something that an increasing number of Australians will be forced to consider. With the climate becoming increasingly unstable in Australia, we are going to see more storms, rising sea levels and greater flooding. When this happens, the quality of our water is going to be severely damaged, which makes wastewater treatment in Australia even more important. For a business, this is going to mean that your cleaning chemicals will have to be even more effective than they are now.  

A good waste water treatment system will ensure that all the harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens are killed, and the water is cleaned before it is sent off to either be used in agriculture or for human consumption. 

Wastewater management is an ecofriendly process of cleaning the wastewater or sewage.  

The wastewater treatment process can be started at home and need not require a huge investment. Sewage Treatment is not often thought of as a conversation starter unless you are an engineer in the field like me! Cleanawater treatment is an organic, environmentally friendly and energy efficient solution that uses one of nature’s unique processes to remove nitrogen from wastewater much more efficiently than traditional processes.  

The growing population is placing more operational stress upon existing wastewater treatment plants and both wastewater treatment facilities and new ones must deal with the costly and damaging impacts of grit. The solids that are carried by wastewater build up within downstream processing, and this decreases plant efficiency and producing damaging abrasions to treatment systems. This can lead to higher the cost of maintenance and operation. 

Wastewater management Services 

  • Cleanawater has design and build new water treatment systems, or fix existing systems to meet your expectations or the site requirements 
  • We have a deep understanding of most technologies ever used. Our water treatment solutions include design construction, management maintenance, and training. Therefore, if you need an entire system constructed, renovated, or need education or maintenance programs for how to run and maintain the plant, we can help. 
  • They provide wastewater treatment, as well as various other services for water management. We provide the design of wastewater treatment plants, enhancement, and maintenance of the plant. 
  • Many water treatment companies offer systems to “win” the task, but and not necessarily to ensure longevity or the ability to service. We have witnessed this several times, and usually the water treatment system requires an upgrade to decrease the load. We have extensive experience working on systems of other companies to make them function. 
  • Our equipment and techniques remove waste grit and treatment to ensure downstream processes are protected from inorganic solids, cutting maintenance costs, blocking deposition, and clogging aiding operators and owners to create sustainable municipal, domestic as well as industrial systems. 
  • Cleanawater is a global business that provides innovative solutions, services, and knowledge to assist municipal, industrial and construction customers enhance the way they process and treat water. 

Our wastewater management Capabilities 

We provide a professional on-site sewerage Treatment Design and Reporting Services for every commercial, residential, & Industrial Projects including: 

  1. Extensions.
  2. Granny-Flats.
  3. New and Existing Buildings. 
  4. Subdivisions. 
  5. Commercial Premises.
  6. Facilities for School and Community & Church Facilities. 
  7. Parks and public restrooms, and Eco-Tourism Tourism Sites. 
  8. Motels, Wineries and Retirement Villages.

When enlisting Broad crest’s services for On-site Wastewater design and reporting Our clients make the benefit of our wide list of industry contacts. We aid our clients in connecting with independent reliable Wastewater System Providers to get the most affordable cost and the best outcome for their project. 

The three phases of the treatment of wastewater 

There are three phases to treat wastewater. according to how good the water is, all three could be required, or an amalgamation of one or two. The treatment of wastewater that is eco-friendly is essential for any business that is managing wastewater. 

1. Primary wastewater treatment 

The main treatment for wastewater is to filter solid waste from the water. the wastewater’s primary treatment is then pumped through industrial water tanks and filters that are used to separate the water from pollutants. 

After that, the sludge that remains is treated by the digester. the sludge has more than 50% of the solids that are found in the wastewater. after the primary treatment of wastewater is completed, the second treatment of the wastewater can commence. 

2. Secondary wastewater treatment 

Utilizing naturally occurring biological processes, the secondary treatment of wastewater gets rid of smaller particles that the primary process was unable to remove. 

Secondary treatment is based on anaerobic or anaerobic breakdown. this is because bacteria consume pollutants and particles as food and slowly gets rid of all the ‘nasty and ‘nasty’ waste. this process may take longer than the primary wastewater treatment process, since it depends on biofiltration, aeration and the interaction between waste throughout the process. 

3. Third wastewater treatment 

The secondary treatment of wastewater is designed to eliminate Nitrates and phosphates from the supply of water. The process of treating wastewater is tertiary when water is set to be reused or sent to the sewer system. Water authorities demand the water transferred to the sewer network is classified as neutral in alkaline conditions. Secondary wastewater treatment is the last stage in the treatment process. 


We all need water to survive but we also need to manage it to make sure it does not harm us. That is where wastewater management and treatment systems come in. They help us recycle this water and use it again. Plan and find the right solution for your effluent treatment plant to ensure the best results. Wastewater treatment is a prerequisite for public health, particularly in areas where water is of inferior quality. Australia has many qualified professionals to service and maintain the country’s water treatment.

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