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Here is the hike for you

Here is the hike for you

Along with being one of the most essential needs for survival, water is one of the most adventurous things as well. No sport can ever beat the fun of water sports. Especially in the summer in the US, Miami Beach is the dream destination for many water sports lovers around the globe. The tropical rainy season of the city runs from May through October, showering the hot noons and thundering the chilling nights. The sunshine prevails with less showers and windy weather making the mornings the perfect ones for your vacations.
Does water pull you in? Do you want to explore the blues? Or do water adventures hit you more than any other sport does? Then these water sports are for you. These water sports are going to pull your enthusiasm out as and when you get into the water body. Experts say these are not only the best sports for fun, but also are a good way to raise team work in a person. Yes, these water sports are Snorkelling, Paddle boarding and kayaking. The section below is going to provide you a lot more details about these amazing enthusiastic sports. Soflowateradventures is one of the best for snorkeling and paddleboarding.

Snorkelling in Miami Beach – Quick fun at no risk

Snorkelling is the activity of swimming on the surface of the water body and enjoying the underwater world equipped with swim fins, diving mask and snorkel. These equipment especially, the shaped breathing tube- the snorkel and the diving mask allows you to breathe with your body submerged in water.
The best thing about snorkelling is not requiring any specialised training, physical strength or high expenses. Also, this relaxing water activity provides you the most amazing opportunity to shoot the picturesque and epic underwater world.
If you are a nature lover, Snorkelling is a must try for you. This simple and most practiced water sport can connect you to nature in a way that no other water sports can. Colourful tropical fishes, sea horses, octopuses, giant clams, dolphins, rays, sea turtles; there is nearly no limit to the water creatures you may fall in love with.
The Beginners guide-
1. Do an Equipment check.
2. Know the surroundings before venturing.
3. Float and not swim along.
4. Do not dive under water, as you don’t want the snorkel (breathing tube) to fill with water.
5. Relax and enjoy the experience.

Miami Beach Paddle Boarding– A complete body workout package

Paddle Boarding is a fun way to ride on the water while offering a full body workout additionally. Standing upon the board requires rigid balance involving the engagement of the major muscles of legs, back, shoulders, arms and even neck. Since, you are standing on the water in a way; it offers you the vantage point to see the underwater world and what’s out on the horizon.
The huge tides of water and the wind flowing towards you along with the horizon view blends to bring into existence an amazing pack of adventure and fun. As a beginner, it may take the first few tries to handle the gears as they should be. But once you get familiar with it, you are going to be a daily practitioner of it.
It is fairly common for beginners to fall off often. But getting back on is equally essential. This may require a few attempts for a noob to get back to the facility. Being a noob, you would feel wobbly at certain points. In order to avoid falling on the board, aim yourself to either side and fall in the water as falling on board may cause injuries.
The beginners guide-
1. Choose a small and calm water body such as a pond or lake.
2. Sunny days with little or no wind are suitable for it.
3. Look for the place for easy launching of your paddle board.
4. If you are facing the wind, try to paddle in the reverse direction so that the wind pushes you from behind.
5. Make slots of time for paddling and relaxing

Kayaking in Miami Beach – Adventurous travelling on water
Kayaking is the recreational activity that people from ages are practicing. It is the water sport that a person belonging to any age group can enjoy. Kayaking can be even more adventurous and fun when combined with other activities such as water racing, diving, fishing, etc. Also, this early age water adventure is an excellent workout for shoulder, arms, back and abdomen.
Kayaking involves pushing a boat shaped raft forward with the help of a double side bladed Kayak used in propelling the raft forward by pushing the water behind. This sport eventually brings team work into existence resulting in an amazing kayak experience. Also this will give you a closure view of the underwater world and lives.

The beginners guide-

1. Avoid Kayaking among swimmers.
2. Try paddling in the direction of the water flow.
3. Do not cross the entry and exit channels.
4. Keep your elbows 90 degrees to the kayak to maximise your result.
5. Start kayaking in small bodies with calm water on good weather days.

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