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Ways to enhance your home’s curbside appeal

A ton of effort is involved when selling your house. It doesn’t matter if you do the entire thing on your own or work with a real estate agent, the amount of effort put in is the same. One of the first things the buyer is going to look at the moment they step into your property is the outside appearance, or what we call is the curb appeal. The outside of your house will play as the deal maker or breaker for the next steps involved in home selling. Buyers will first check the outside of your home and then the inside.

First impressions are very important and the goal is to make the buyers feel at home the moment they enter your property’s driveway. That is why; home staging company have shared their favorite ways to kick up the curb appeal of your home and at the same time not hurt your bank account. Keep reading to find out!

Trim those shrubs

Tall and obscure-looking shrubs are one of the biggest killers of curb appeal. To make them look nice and appealing, these bushes must be cut from the top like a flat trim. Home staging services will do the job for you so that the prospective buyer can see the full front of the house along with its windows and the long backyard.

Trim those shrubs

Put colorful planters

You do not want your home looking like a barren land or an overgrown jungle. Hence it is important to add the right amount of greens with colorful flowers that will make your home look more inviting. You can buy some boxwood, Hicks Yew, or Juniper that can even be used for your master bedroom staging.

Make a statement with your front door

The front door acts as the main entry point of your house and tells stories about the conditions of your house. It also is the first thing that the prospective buyer will notice since it is symbolic. An appealing front door will welcome the people in and a not-so-appealing one will keep the visitors out. Hence, if the condition of your front door is not in a good condition, it is wise to replace it so that it creates a positive lasting impression. Best home decorators recommend adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door if its condition is good.  This way, your front door will successfully make a statement.

Upgrade your mailbox

Not a lot of people pay attention to the mailbox. But over the years, the mailbox is sure to get rusted and dusted. Hence, it is wise to change the mailbox and replace it with a new one. This will also give an impression to the buyer that you’re a stickler for details. You can DIY your mailbox cottage style or add finishing Victorian touches to it so that it gets that character and charm and beautifies your front yard. To get some help, you can always get in touch with Corpus Christi interior design.

Redo your walkway

A boring series of concrete slabs that leads the way to your house can be a big bummer. A cracked or rundown concrete will definitely be a thumbs down. Hence you need to make the walkway interesting. You can attach cool flat flagstones on the bland concrete and ask home design services for more help.

Redo your walkway

Clean out the gutter

This sure can be a tedious task but keeping them clean is a plus point for your home and its curb appeal. You will need a garden hose to spray off the dirt and debris and also remove the leaves and twigs with the leaf blower and even powder wash them. If you are selling your house in the fall, you will have to check the downspouts regularly.

Paint the house’s exterior

A fresh coat of paint will change the overall curb appeal of your house totally! You can use a 3 color combination and paint the main walls, and the sidings. The main areas you need to work on are the roof, walls, front doors, garage door, windows, trim, etc. Shutters in the right color will bring the entire look together.

Paint the house’s exterior

Decorate the house with exterior lightings

A well-lit exterior will add that appealing factor to the home like no other! You can opt for solar-powered LED lightings and illuminate your front porch, walkway, and garden and not worry about the electrical details. You can also add the low-sitting path lights on your driveway and draw some attention to the plants and the décor. If you have any ancient lights on your porch, swap them out and replace them with a chandelier. Also, do not be afraid to mix warm and cool-toned lights for creating a balance and giving that eye-catching alluring vibe to your front yard.  

Add some fencing around the house

If the house is surrounded by a rusty chain-like fence or an old and rotten wooden fence, it is a high alert sign to replace or repair it. For the back portion, a chain like a fence is okay. But for the aww factor from the prospect buyers, you must consider replacing the front side fence with a white picket fence.  

Do not forget to clean your roof

If your roof is becoming old and aged, it must be changed before you sell your house. But, keep in mind that roof changing can be a costly upgrade and if you feel that the roof is in a good shape and good to go for a few years, then you must get it cleaned to make it look new and also remove the stains from algae and trees.

Here are some additional tips for staging your entrance for selling your house. Click here.

Consider replacing the hardware

It is a minute thing but can add so much vibe to the entire curb appeal! You can research the latest hardware trends with the help of the best interior designer and give your entryway a fresh and modern look. The look will completely change after that new door handle, knocker, and deadbolt!

Put in an outdoor art

A tastefully selected outdoor art will add an extra oomph factor to your yard. However, you need to choose it judiciously and not go overboard with it. Look for something modern and unique like a copper birdbath or an iron bench.

Clean those windows well

Dirty windows are a major turnoff for potential buyers. A crystal clear window that shines in the bright light will give an extravagant look to your house and will be enticing for potential buyers.

Place a new doormat

We sure have made a statement with the front door, but the doormat shouldn’t be ignored. The moment the potential buyer comes up to the door, they are sure to look down as they step on the door sill. Do not let your hard work go to waste by putting a ratty old doormat. Get a new and classy-looking doormat, ideally the one made of sisal, seagrass, or coir.

The bottom line

Dust off the excuse as to why you can’t perfect the curb appeal of your home. Now that the lockdown has relaxed, homebuyers are back in the market, hunting for a home, yours should be at the top of the list. Contact a home staging company and enhance the curb appeal of your home so that the buyers will fall in love with your property instantly.

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