Ways to increase the dedication of your Facebook page

1. Post less


But growth wasn’t mainly due to the fact that we reported fewer. It’s because we’ve allowed less posting…


Concentrate on consistency rather than quantity.


Every day when we post just once or twice a day we could share the best content. We struggled to find too much material to share as we wrote four to five times a day.


You may have witnessed it before if you are a single social media manager or small company owner who operates their own social media. It takes time to find quality content and you don’t always have time to do so.


That said, you don’t feel you need to change your approach if you can retain the quality of your content when posting multiple times a day. Some of our readers post on their Facebook page more than ten times a day and have been very popular. If you want to buy Facebook likes then get in touch for amazing real likes.


2. Post when your fans are online


We claimed that Facebook was the best universal time to post: early afternoon.


We now assume every brand has their own perfect posting time(s). This is because many factors that are particular to each brand depend on the best time for posting: what industry are you in? What is the foundation of your audience? When are your fans using Facebook?


One scientific way of finding the best publishing time is by analyzing your own results.


You get details on when your Facebook fans are online for every day of the week in your Facebook Page Insights tab.


3. Try videos


We believe you should try videos if you’re wondering how to make your Facebook posts.


From what we saw, videos on Facebook perform best in terms of scope and contribution this year.


The previously cited BuzzSumo report also concluded that “videos are now two times as high on average as other postal formats.”


Three more tips for making the most of your videos are available here:


Upload your videos to Facebook. According to a quintuple analysis of six million Facebook messages, Facebook-listed videos average 110% rates of engagement and an overall sharing rate of 478% higher than YouTube links.

Experiment with square videos: we found that our square videos were more accessible, engaged, and completed than our landscape videos, in particular on mobile devices after a $1.500 worth experiment.

Adding subtitles: Locowise found that 93% of video views were without sound when researching over 500 Facebook pages and 12,000 Facebook videos.


4. Go live

In the last year, Facebook also pushed its Live videos a lot.


You modified your algorithm to identify live videos more when they live than if they no longer live. Facebook estimated that People spend more than 3x more time watching a video from Facebook Live than live video on average” and that “people comment on Facebook Live videos than regular videos more than 10 times more.”


We held 5 live Facebook sessions for our #impactofestival, which averaged approximately 4000 views and 30 commentaries.


Here is a prize: your supporters should review your content more frequently.


Social Media Examiner found that their non-live material was more exposed as they went to live more often. Michael Stelzner, their founder, and CEO, claims his followers are introduced to their brand when they go live, even when they don’t watch live footage. That could have prompted them subtly to look at the Facebook profile of Social Media Examiner.


Here are some ideas you can try to help start with Facebook live videos:


  • Share your job or office behind the scenes of a case.
  • Host a question and question session or a question-me-anything session
  • Interview industry experts with BeLive tools
  • Explain or explain how anything can be achieved
  • Speak about news
  • Share tips on weekly


6. Share curated content


It may feel odd to share the material of other brands. Initially, this is how we felt. But the findings changed our minds after experimenting with the sharing of quality curated content.


We were able to reach a much wider audience by sharing top-level posts from sites like Techcrunch, Inc., and Quartz. Our latest ten curated content, for example, reached an audience of 113,000 people.


Until recently, we have had less than 100,000 likes on the Facebook profile.


This helped us extend our Facebook page so that more people could share our own content. Our Facebook page likes have been increased from around 79,000 to 100,000 since the start of this year.


The curated content can be shared in two types:


  • Content from third parties to other brands
  • Your customers’ user-created content


On our Facebook page, we typically share content from other brands, as that content resonates with the followers of our Facebook page. We also post user-generated content of the group once in a while on our Facebook page (which works well on our Instagram account). They also seem to be healthy.

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