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Ways to Make Your Home Safe For Pets

Pets are not only animals but they become family members, and you should take great care of them. They should feel comfortable and safe in their homes, just like we want. The custom home builders in Adelaide can help you out with effective ways to make your pets feel safe. Here are a few suggestions you should consider.

Open Wires To Be Avoided

Open wires, if they remain in the reach of the pets, can be very risky. You can use the cable protectors so your pets cannot bite or chew them. You can use concealed wiring instead of open wires. The wires of TV cables, lamps, etc. need to be protected so that they do not hang and create risks for the pets.

Fabric And Flooring To Be Paw-safe

While selecting the flooring and fabric, you should be careful so that they are easy to clean and even stylish. The fabric should have a stain-resistant feature so that it does not overstress you with the stains of pets. Though carpet should not be the best choice for pet owners if you use then try the same color of the fur of your pet so that the pet hair can be hidden. If your pets are lightweight, hardwood flooring can be the best choice. But if your pets are heavy, hard surface flooring or ceramic tiles can be the best.

Avoid House Plants That Are Hazardous

The Rendition Group suggests avoiding some house plants that can harm animals. Tulips, Oleander, Chrysanthemum, Lilies, and English Ivy, can be some common plants that can be hazardous for pets. Do research before keeping plants inside the home so they are not hazardous to your pet animals. 

Store At Heights

You should store fragile items at high levels, so they do not come within reach of pet animals. Chemicals, medicines, and cleaners should be specially stored on high shelves.

Protect Decor Of Home

Though you may vacuum clean your sofa very often, you may find the body hairs of your pets there. So make sure your sofa covers can be opened up and washed whenever required. The specific areas should be designated for your pets’ sleeping, dining, and toilet. The pets’ habits will keep them safe and clean within your home.

Cover The Toilet Lid And Garbage

Make sure all the garbage bins and cabinets are covered. Garbage can include spoiled food items, indigestible pieces, and dangerous chemicals that harm animals. The toilet lid should be closed to prevent the pet animals from drinking water from the commode bowl.


The custom home builders in Adelaide suggest some tips for a comfortable stay for your pets in your home. You should take special care of flooring so that their paws remain safe. The garbage bins and the toilets should be cleaned and covered. The sofa covers should be selected in such a way that they can be washed often. Concealed wires should be used instead of open ones to keep the pets safe.

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