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Ways To Make Your Home Safe For Pets

Getting a pet is like having a small baby at home. You have to take care of them 24*7, and you have to ensure they do not consume anything that makes them sick. But before your furry little friend arrives home, you have to ensure that your home is pet-friendly. If you are building a new home, then your custom builders Sydney will make sure to build a pet-friendly place.

If your pet is arriving at your previous home, then there are some things you have to do to make a safe living environment for them. Here is a list of tips to follow to make your home a safe space for your pet. 

Tips To Make Your Home Pet Safe

  • Keep Away Precious and Fragile Items 

Firstly, keep away anything precious and fragile. Pets tend to sniff around, pull down, and play with anything they see. So to avoid them coming in contact with glass or harmful chemicals, store them somewhere they cannot reach. Also, make sure to keep away medications and breakable items like vases and frames.

  • Avoid Open Wires

Most apartments and houses now have concealed wiring. However, some TV cables or lamp wires might hang out in the open. Make sure to keep them away from your pets. We suggest getting cable protectors and making sure to conceal any open wires to save your pet.

  • Avoid Carpets and Rugs

You have to ensure that your flooring is safe for your pet. Ask your custom builder Sydney to make textured or hardwood floors. But avoid using any carpets or exquisite rugs to top them. Pets like cats and dogs tend to shed, and their fur and bacteria will get trapped in the rug. It is very hygienic for you and your pet.

Also, some pets like to nibble things during their baby years. Now imagine getting an expensive carpet and having your pet chew a big hole in it. So it is best to avoid rugs and carpets to be safe custom builders Sydney.

  • Keep Trash Cans With Lids

Pets like dogs and cats love going through the trash. But it is very harmful to them as these are filled with indigestible items, harmful chemicals, and old food. So make sure to get a trash can with a lid – something your pet will be unable to open.

  • Keep Your Home Clean

Having a pet means keeping your home clean. Your pet will have the habit of eating anything in sight. So make sure to clean as much dirt and dust as possible. Also, if your pet sheds a lot, get a good vacuum cleaner to clean your home.


Having a pet-friendly home is not that difficult. All you have to do is follow the list mentioned above and get the right things for your apartment. If you are building your new home, then contact Lux Building Group. Their experienced builders will make a pet-safe apartment for you so that you and your furry friend can be safe and happy! 

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