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Ways to Prepare Your Home Before a New Floor Installation

Before installing a new floor, you are required to plan the preparations properly to avoid any hassles during the process. The new flooring in Castle Hill may include a lot of waste and activities that require proper planning and preparation. Here are some effective ways through which you can prepare your home for the installation of new flooring.

Remove Valuables And Delicates:

The valuables and delicate items must be moved safely somewhere else before the new floor installation process starts. Gas appliances, electric, and tap systems should be turned off before the process. You can remove the wall hangings, pictures, and drapes to protect the items from dust. The temperature inside the room should be conducive enough for the installation process of new floors.

Other Rooms To Be Closed:

The flooring installation process can be a bit messy. So it is advisable to close off other rooms. The rooms and where the installation will not go on need to be closed or covered to protect from dust. For example, if it is a hardwood flooring installation, the spills from the sawdust can also be messy for other rooms if they are not closed.

Ensures Safety Of Children And Pets:

Your children and pets should be supervised properly, so they are safe. Your pets are part of your family’s safety, so they should be in an enclosure where they cannot go out to the rooms where the installation process goes. Floortech can provide ideas to keep your children and pets safe. The dust created from the old floor and the sub-floor and the installation of the new floors can harm pets and children. 

Clear All Furniture:

All the furniture needs to be removed from the rooms where the new floor installation occurs. The task of moving the furniture should be done before the day of installation. Doing this activity in advance can save both money and time. Some installers rearrange the furniture in their previous positions after the floor installation process. This rearrangement process can be free of cost or with some amount of charges. You should talk to the floor installers about the processes and the charges well in advance to avoid any confusion after the installation process.

Systematic Arrangement Of Rooms:

Before the floor installers arrive, you should arrange the rooms systematically. The pathways and the passages should remain clutter-free and clean. The inside and the outside, both ways, should be free from any obstructions like toys, pets, children, valuables, and delicates. The installer’s work can become difficult due to those hindrances. You can get some more flooring ideas here.


The flooring in Castle Hill can go smoothly if the above-mentioned preparations are taken well in advance. You should move all the valuables and delicate materials to a safer place. The rooms where the installation process will go on should be clean and clutter-free without furniture. To avoid dust, the children and pets should be shifted to a safer and cleaner place before the process.

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