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Ways To Resolve Your Phone Charger That Won’t Charge

Owning a phone charger that is broken is the most annoying that can ever happen. It’s like you have a charger but, you still cannot charge your phone. Also, even if you have that broken, it does make you feel useless because you do not know how to fix it. That is when you feel like rushing to a phone repair shop like the Mobile Junction. Repair shops indeed can fix your broken phone charger but, not to sideline that you can do it too. There is a lot of say in which you can fix your charger and, in this article, we will suggest you with some tips.

Tips To Fix Your Phone Charger
Tips To Fix Your Phone Charger

Before fixing your phone charger, it is first essential to understand why a phone charger stops working. It can be that your charger has a broken or dysfunctional charging tip, or maybe the wall socket itself is not working, or maybe the phone that you are charging is not supporting the charge from your charger, or possibly the charger is heavily damaged. No matter whatever could be the reason, there are fixes that you can perform on your own instead of Googling “phone repair near me“. Keep reading to know how you can fix your mobile phone charger that is not charging.

Tips To Fix Your Phone Charger

Watch the Cables

Sometimes the charger that we use does not have a tightly connected cable. The USB cable needs explicitly to be tight on both ends, one with the adapter and the end cable that connects to the phone. If any of these cables are poorly charged, your failure will not charge appropriately. Hence, take out all the charger cables and then again insert them into the adapter and the phone. Make sure that all cables are tightly connected and, then, check whether your phone is charging or not. 

Reboot Your Phone

The defect may also lie in your phone. When your phone gets exposed to a sort of virus, it tends to behave abnormally. Due to this, your mobile phone disregards recognizing the charging mode. In such a situation, you might consider taking your charger to a cell phone repair but, instead of that, you need to check up on your phone. So what you should be doing is troubleshooting your phone. Switch it off for a few minutes. Take out its battery, and then insert it into your phone again. Now, switch on your phone. Insert the charger now to see if your phone is working or not. If it works then, the problem lies in your phone and not the charger. But if it is not charging then, move on to the next solution.

Check the Socket

Your phone may also not charge if the socket from where you charge your phone is at fault. The socket might be having some glitch in its wires, so it cannot pass electricity. You can check the electricity of the socket through a tester. The best thing would be to try out a different socket and see if the phone is charging or not.

Check the Cable Of Your Charger

It might be that both the adapters and your phone are excellent, but the problem might be your charger’s cable. Sometimes, the cable’s insulating sheath develops a sharp cut, due to which copper wire inside also gets damaged. To check if there is a problem with the cable or not connect your charger to the phone. Now, wiggle it gently, see if your phone’s charging is taking place due to the wiggling or not. If it happens so, then the problem lies in your charger’s cable. You must consider replacing it.


Thus, you can resolve the issue of your broken phone charger on your own too. The above-given tips are definitely, going to help you discover that where the problem lies with your charger and will also help you in how you can resolve them. But if nothing else works out, you can go to a phone repair like Mobile Junction, which is phone repair in London. They are excellent at resolving any issue related to mobile phones. We know the importance of your time and money. Our expert will satisfy you through quality iPhone repairing. Our experts are here to reconnect you with mobile in a possible way.

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