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Wearables and Construction Technologies to Increase Worksite Safety

Safety of the workers and the equipment itself on a work site are very important. Without workers and equipment completing a construction project successfully and on time is impossible. In the coming years and today, construction managers focus on using more safety equipment, wearables and technologies. Without these safety measures, the worksite becomes difficult to work for the workers.

In this article, we will discuss the wearables and technologies that increase worksite safety.

List of wearables and technologies to increase construction site safety

Several wearables and technologies make the workplace safe. Some of the construction site technologies that improve the safety of the workers are as follows.

1. Helmets

One of the essentials on the construction site to ensure the workers’ safety is the helmet. It is obligatory to make every worker wear helmets while they are working inside a building. The chances of building parts falling on the workers are higher in construction projects. Wearing helmets can save you from causing a lot of damage to the workers’ health and improve safety.

2. Good quality shoes and gloves

Providing workers with standard gloves, hand protection equipment, and quality shoes are important. Workers have to carry sharp objects and sometimes have to cut certain objects to protect themselves from any damage; wearing gloves are necessary. Long boots are preferable for workers on a construction site as the debris, and other material may harm the workers if they work bare feet.

3. Robots

The latest technological use in construction projects is becoming popular. One of the technologies that are highly used is robots. Robots can work where humans cannot work or where it is not safe for humans to work. For example, making the workers work at heights is risky, so robots can replace humans to work and enhance workers’ safety.

4. Sensors

Different kinds of sensors are in the market. Advance building projects are embedding sensors within the building to deal with any emergency. Fire sensors are most common; they ring an alarm when they detect any fire within the premises and help deal with the early-stage situations. However, depending on the site you may find other sensors like a MSA ALTAIR 4XR gas detector, dust sensors, sound detectors and pressure sensors.

Not providing such precautionary measures may result in construction site claims and disputes if any harm is caused to the building or the workers. To effectively deal with claims, hire construction claims consultants Dubai, so your construction project gets back on track as soon as possible.

5. Modern tools and equipment

Old and poor tools are one of the biggest examples that cause damage to the people working on the site. It is important to provide the latest tools and equipment that are easy to use and move from one place to another. Apart from safety considerations, old tools and equipment reduce the work pace and increase project completion time. For a budget-friendly option, a tool rental here is also available.

6. Walkie talkies

Communication is the key. And providing the communication equipment to the worker will help them deal with any unpleasant situation on time.  Walkie talkies are becoming popular and common on construction sites where the workers or the managers communicate. They can inform other construction teams that are at a distance about any problem or issue.

7. First aid kits

First aid kits are important on a construction site, but they are also important in every field. For construction sites, accidents are an integral part and to deal with the emergency or any injuries, first aid kits or any medical expert on the construction site is crucial.

8. Respiratory protection equipment

Dust and other machinery smoke are dangerous to health. Respiratory protection equipment is necessary for projects where the dust and smoke ratios are higher.

9. Hearing protection equipment

Construction projects use heavy machinery, which causes a lot of noise. Noise can cause damage to human ears; that is why providing them ear defenders are important. The construction managers or the authority must use sound meters to identify the sound levels and make decisions on whether to work in such situations or not.

Why using technology is important?

One of the main reasons to use technology on a worksite or construction site is to improve the work’s pace and complete the construction project. Another is to provide ease to the workers because certain tasks on a construction site are not in human control to perform. In such a situation, technical use helps complete the tasks without putting any extra human effort.

Another main and important reason for using technology on a worksite is the assurance of human safety working on the project and people in the surroundings. If the project authorities fail to ensure on-site safety, they may face objections from the workers or affected people. It is always essential to take precautionary measures to avoid any issue. If your construction site still faces an unpleasant situation, you can consult construction claims consultants in Dubai to get things better.

Use of technology in the future

The use of technology is not so common on construction sites today. But the chances of incorporating technology and its aspects on construction projects in the future will be higher. More construction companies are looking forward to using technology to increase the work’s human safety and pace.

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