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Web Development Process-A Step by Step Guide

Web Development Process-A Step by Step Guide

When it comes time to create an entirely new website. Many businesses are overwhelmed by the procedures involved. If you’re looking to create a website, we’ve provided you with the necessary information. In this article, we’ll look at the whole process of creating a website through a step-by-step procedure. OmTec Web is best website development company.

A responsive and well-designed website is the essential element of your company. Since it’s your face and the services you provide to your clients. A well-designed website can help rank high in Google searches when paired with SEO best practices. Frameworks and CMS options are available that you can choose from. It is essential to conduct the necessary study to select the appropriate sources. It’s also the most popular platform because it’s easy to utilize and expand the site shortly. 

Before you engage a developer to create a website for you. There’s an online development process you must be aware of. If you’re looking to outsource your web development. These eight steps will help you understand.

  • Conducting the research
  • Planning
  • Selecting CMS
  • Designing
  • Main Development
  • Content Development
  • Website Testing
  • General Maintenance

Conducting the research

Our website development company is doing the best research for your project. The most crucial thing you should do is a thorough study of what you require for your company. There are two kinds of websites that you could develop for your business, either static or dynamic. A static site is a website that features the same amount of pages. And details that are never altered regardless of the inputs and interactions of users. However, it is possible to have an active website that is more interactive. There are a variety of aspects of the site that improve the overall users’ experience.

It is essential to choose if you are looking for an enterprise-level website. Fully-fledged E-Commerce website and a private branding site. After you have decided the type of website, you’d like to have. Your developers will give you various examples of each and help you select the most suitable one. Additionally, you need to choose the number of pages you’d like on your site. OmTec Web is best website development company.


When planning, you must consider the long-term perspective and design the technology. Our website development company is doing the best Planning for your project. CMS, hosting, and other elements according to your needs. The first step is to choose the type of website you want to create, whether dynamic or static. Based on your choice, you will have to select the best technology stack. That will determine how the site performs. Choose WordPress CMS and good cloud hosting for modern and efficient performance. However, you can opt for a static website with shared hosting. This is sufficient if you need a website to promote your demonstration of a product or service.

Develop action items that meet the requirements of your business. Creating websites becomes efficient and cost-effective. It’s because your developers are aware of the kind of website. You’re expecting to see them build. After you’ve formulated the essential components. You’re ready to transform your vision into an actuality through wireframes and first sketch designs.

Selecting CMS

If you want to speed up the launch of your website and at less expense. CMS is the best alternative you can choose. WordPress can be the most effective CMS that you could use. Because it’s completely accessible and completely free. The greatest thing about WordPress is that it’s entirely personal. And can be integrated with multiple third-party apps when needed. Our website development company is working on CMS Technology. 

Another benefit of WordPress is selecting from several options of designs and performance plug-ins. That helps you make your mark. But, it is essential to be aware that you should do not download themes. Those are nullified or plugins since they could contain harmful scripts. These scripts can slow the performance of your website. And hosting providers may also shut down your hosting.


Our website development company is also doing the website designing for your project. When creating a site entirely from scratch, especially in the absence of a CMS. It’s essential to start by creating wireframes to comprehend the flow more clearly. It is possible to ask your web designers to design a few wireframes. That illustrates what the website’s overall layout and usability flow will appear to be. Different wireframes to choose the most suitable design that fits your needs. The main benefit of creating wireframes is that you can envision the layout. So that your final product will be similar to it. OmTec Web is best website development company.

The website you create professionally must be attractive to draw the most leads you can get. If it’s a lot of pages, themes design, font style, or the components’ location. All of these important aspects are easily understood through wireframes.

Main Development

Now the moment to begin developing the website and transform your concept and design flow into reality. When you’re developing a website, your web developer will employ the same technology. Developers begin to create custom codes from scratch to create the website. The frontend layout seamlessly integrates with the backend functions. Developers will make use of the already-created sitemap to design specific pages. When the design is completed and you’re happy with it. And will ensure that it is the smooth operation and interactivity.

The developers’ team will begin building the site page-by-page. And utilize an experimental environment to launch the website. This will not be the domain you’ve purchased to host your site. 

Content Development

Content is the key to success, and this is a fact you must consider when you design your website. After your website has been constructed and designed. Now is the time to develop the content. The content must be unique and free of plagiarism. Otherwise, search engines could weaken the website. Do not duplicate information from websites and incorporate it into your brand new website. It can cause more harm than give you many benefits. Our website development company is also providing the best content manager. 

Hire experienced professional content writers who can perfectly finish the job. Content writers will conduct studies on keywords, trading subjects, and write the content. There are many tools accessible for free and allow you to spin content. However, you should not use them since they could harm your website and make it difficult to separate these elements. Make sure you hire experts who will complete the task within a quicker time.

Testing Websites

Testing your website is one of the most crucial tasks. It’s because search engines place much attention on the overall user-friendliness of your website. And the user experience overall. If users’ experience is not great and the users aren’t able to navigate. The site smoothly across different devices, bounce rates will rise. This will hurt your website and also its SEO methods. OmTec Web is best website development company. Our website development company is doing precise testing of your website.


There are a variety of tests you can ask the tester to carry out to ensure that everything is in order. The tester discovers issues with the functionality of your website or the code. You must have it corrected by the developers as quickly as you can. The main aspects that need to be examined are site speed. UX when browsing your website. Mobile-friendliness, multiple screens tests, and many more. The more tests you run, the fewer chances that your visitors will experience poor. 

General Maintenance

A website’s creation is something. However, maintaining its functions of the site is an entirely different aspect. Search engines change rapidly. It is crucial to keep up to date with the latest trends. When it comes to maintenance. Developers must ensure that all functions are running smoothly. There are a variety of things developers should be aware of when maintaining websites. Such as broken links, slow website performance, UX performance, the list goes on.

Whatever your website’s needs, whether it’s an unresponsive website or a dynamic one. Your team of developers must constantly maintain an eye on your website’s performance. It can help you get an advantage with SEO methods and help make your website’s performance stronger. Also necessary to ensure that your website functions flawlessly on mobile. And desktop versions. Because of Google’s Mobile-First Indexing feature. Your site must take just three seconds to provide an excellent UX. It doesn’t matter if your website is an unresponsive or dynamic site. It must smoothly load for mobile users. We are always here for the maintenance of your websites.

Closing up

Make sure you keep this web development process in mind when creating your website. Whether you intend to build the website yourself or employ a developer. It’s essential to adhere to these steps. And with reduced costs. As we progress towards digitalization and the internet. It is crucial to establish a website and succeed online. A well-designed website will provide you with an advantage over your competitors. Start creating your site now and expand your business to a greater extent. OmTec Web is best website development company.

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