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Webroot Global Community Service Day:- Www.Webroot.Com/Safe

If you do not know about Webroot Global Community is a very important day that encourages Webroot’s employees to step up from their respective disks and spread happiness to the needful people, schools and pantries, shelters to the animals, children charities and much more on a global scale. This year, Global Community Service Day has been celebrated by taking extra steps to support Webroot’s welfare mission. The Welfare program is uniquely designed to educate and inspire the children across the globe, to get educated about online safety measures.


People at Webroot came together and joined hands to work hard in putting efforts into bringing up a successful event. Across the numerous sites that are present across the globe, with respect to the different departments stepped out to do good by coordinating the projects with their charities, supportive projects, and donations with the aim of teaching Webroot’s Online Safety Program to the children.


How the Webroot Global Community Service Day is Structured?

On this special day, there were 13 special activities that have turned to be favorable for the charitable organizations, and this was Plano, a Texas site. The event is all about putting all your efforts to teach the next-gen the security concepts of the online virtues. Not only the Webroot employees but people from different countries spread across the globe have participated in the event to make it effortlessly beautiful. For more information, related to the event. Visit the official page


One of the other concerns was the quality of services that Webroot is known for. Keeping that in mind and “Together is Power” a vision the Webroot community puts every possible step to make this even a memorable learning event. And there is no one who wouldn’t like to be a part of such an event. It is an educational drive that reserved all the children dreams aligned.


Wrapping up the event:

At Webroot, the mission and the vision are all clear. The vision is to deliver security services to its customers and the mission is to protect the digital lives along with the information of our valuable.              

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