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Wedding Planning Tips and Checklist for the Perfect Occasion

Wedding Planning Tips and Checklist for the Perfect Occasion

Did you know that over two million weddings are projected for 2022? With the coronavirus pandemic canceling events in 2020 and 2021, more people than ever are scheduling their nuptials.

Have you ever wondered how you can stick to a wedding plan without getting overwhelmed? Here are some of the best wedding planning tips to ensure you have a great time on your wedding day.

Stick to a Budget

You need to establish a wedding budget when you start the planning process. If you do not have a set budget, it can be all too easy to go overboard and spend a lot more than you originally thought.

If you have a wedding planning guide or you hire a planner, make sure to map out every aspect of the day and set price points. You may be able to move things around for elements you really want, but having a good idea of how much things cost will help you when you start to look at vendors.

Set Aside Moments Alone

Although you want to enjoy time with your loved ones on your wedding day, it is equally as important to spend time with your new spouse. Set aside time in your itinerary to ensure that you get those quality moments together.

Some of the most popular windows for alone time include a first look right before the ceremony or time together between the ceremony and the reception. Some couples do unique things like a private last dance or eating dinner alone, rather than with their guests.

Splurge on Your Honeymoon

A wedding is supposed to be one fo the best days of your life, but the best wedding plans also include an amazing honeymoon. You should not have to sacrifice the trip of your dreams so you can add more people to your wedding.

Many sites offer package deals especially for newlyweds and honeymoon trips. A good tip is to travel during the off season or to a less popular location so you can get more bang for your buck.

Capture the Magic

When the wedding is over, you need to have a good way to relive the memories and magic of the day. Hiring a wedding photographer or videographer will give you endless moments to look back on with your loved ones.

Some services provide both photography and videography, so make sure to coordinate how you want them to capture every element of the wedding day.

Remember These Wedding Planning Tips

You should not have to be stressed out as you prepare for your big day. With these wedding planning tips, you can rest assured that you create the event of your dreams.

Want to learn more about how you can have the perfect wedding to start your married life off on the right foot? Check out our site for all of the advice you will need for how to plan a wedding.

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