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What Are Other Ways To Use Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes?

custom Chinese takeout boxes

Food is an integral part of a culture. Just like any other culture Chinese culture is also incomplete without Chinese food. Chinese food is characterized by rich colors, exceptional taste, and aromatic flavor. Chinese cuisine is one of the popular cuisines around the globe. This is the reason that we find numerous Chinese restaurants in almost every area of the world. Folded white cardboard boxes are considered a universal symbol of Chinese food in America. Nearly every Chinese restaurant is used to package food for delivery or take-out. Hence, custom Chinese takeout boxes are quite a in demand. This increasing demand for these custom boxes has made the competition even tougher. To remain in the spotlight or to outstand your potential competitors, every restaurant owner considers these boxes as their potential investment.

These boxes are available worldwide and many packaging manufacturers claim these boxes as their exclusive items. However, if you are looking for custom Chinese takeout boxes or any such manufacturing item, you can find the best ones at RSF Packaging. This company provides the best packaging materials at very affordable rates.

Features of Chinese food boxes

Surprisingly, Chinese food boxes are not Chinese in origin. These boxes were invented by Frederick Weeks Wilcox in 1894 and were names as ‘paper pail’. The inventor took the basic idea from Japanese origami and this paper pail was also a single piece of folded paper. Some of the important features of these Chinese food boxes are:

  • These boxes are made of a material that is 100% recyclable. Thus, they are more eco-friendly than any other plastic container or styrofoam box.
  • Although people commonly call them Chinese food boxes, they are suitable for any kind of cuisine.
  • These boxes are compact and do not occupy much space. Further, they are also stackable so many of these boxes can fit in one place.
  • These boxes are microwave friendly.
  • These boxes are single piece and don’t require any specific lid.
  • Wire handles are there for easy handling making easy.
  • These boxes full lid opening facility, customers can open the box and eat directly into it.
  • It keeps the food safe and is suitable for all types of food.
  • Chinese boxes are perfect for holding and folding and make food delivery convenient.

Other uses of Chinese takeout boxes

These Chinese takeout boxes are multipurpose. Besides taking food, these boxes are used for other purposes as well.

1- Stacking

These food boxes are flat and can be converted to any desired shape. Unlike other storage boxes, they don’t take much space and are less messy. You can organize them by stacking one above another. Further, before using them you can keep them stack before closing their top lid.

2-Paper plates

These take out boxes are one-piece construction of cardboard boxes. You can unfold it as a paper plate and eat your food directly onto it. Through this, you can easily access your food and eat it.

3-Gift boxes

People prefer using Chinese takeout boxes for gift giving. You can make them at home as gift boxes. Further, you can add chocolates, candies, bracelets to these boxes and gift them to your loved ones. Moreover, you can decorate them as you want. The use of glitter papers, decorative accessories are the most common way to decorate them. People use these gift boxes on different occasions including birthdays, new year, Christmas, etc.

4-Storage boxes

People use these large size Chinese takeout boxes as storage containers. People place different household items, stationery, towels, jewelry, etc. in these boxes. Moreover, you can add handles or straps to these boxes. This will make it easy to carry these boxes. Further, to protect the items inside the box you can use a lid or tie to keep items in their place.

5-Plant pods

Another use of the takeout box is that you can use them as plant pots. You can take some empty boxes and fill them with plant soil. Then, you can plant seeds of your choice and embed them into the soil. Other than this, you can take a grown plant and embed it into the soil. These boxes can prevent leakage so you can water your plants on daily basis. You can decorate these boxes with different designs and colors and decorate your house. Moreover, you also plant artificial flowers in these boxes too.


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