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What Are Raster Images?

What Are Raster Images?

Are you wondering, what are raster images and how do you use them?

Raster images are like advanced photos in many ways. They are one of the most popular types of images and are used in a variety of creative and business-related ways.

We’ll walk you through what they are, the differences between raster images and the things to know about raster images.

Read on to learn what they are and why you should know them.

What are Raster Images?

Raster images are tiny pixels, the smallest controllable element of a digital image. The pixels are arranged in a rectangular pattern, and each pixel represents a single point in the picture.

When viewed from a distance, the pixels blend to create the illusion of a continuous image. However, up close, the individual pixels are visible.

Used in Digital Photography

They are usually used for digital photographs. When you take a digital photo, the camera takes a picture of the scene before it and converts it into a raster image.

This image is stored on your computer or other digital device and saved in JPEG, TIFF, and PNG formats.

Called Bitmap Images

Because raster images are typically composed of many tiny pixels, or bits, they are also known as bitmap images. When these pixels are put together, they form an image.

Raster images are resolution-dependent, meaning they can only display at a particular resolution. When displayed at a higher resolution, they appear blocky and pixelated.

Importance of Raster Images

Because they may be quickly changed and modified, raster images are important. They can also be resized without losing quality especially if you need to remove background from image, which is essential for web design and digital photography.

Raster images are also generally smaller in file size than vector images, which makes them easier to work with and download.

Raster File Formats

Images of this type are stored in raster file formats. The two most common raster file formats are JPEG and TIFF. Each pixel in a raster image corresponds to a specific location in the image file.

Usage of Raster Images

Raster images are one of the two main types of images used in computer graphics and vector images. Raster images are best for photographs and other illustrations with lots of detail, widely used in medicine, art, and architecture.

In contrast, vector images are better for logos and other graphics with simple shapes.

The Benefits of Raster Images

After reading this raster image guide, you now know what are raster images. They are digital images composed of individual pixels. When viewed as a whole, these pixels create the image.

You can edit raster images to change the color, shape, and size of the pixels, changing the image’s appearance. Raster images are often used in printing, website design, and digital art.

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