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What are some of the good Jobs to get in India ?

One of the best jobs in India is the teaching job. They pay Teachers well & they are the most respected. They gain this respect owing to their education.

A teacher teaches all. We give importance to education than anything else. The good number of schools & educational institutions in the country echoes it.

The job postings in newspapers, shows that half of the vacancies advertised are for teachers. This proves the importance of a teacher.

It is a stable profession with a lot of leaves. Teaching is the most suitable profession for girls as it is timely & they can take care of their family along with the job.

Under the 7th pay commission, the salaries of government teachers will make anyone envy. An Assistant Professor earns Rs. 60000–70000 per month, while a government primary teacher earns Rs 50000–550000 per month at the start of their job.

Yearly allowances further increase their salary. The role of a teacher is primarily in improving the quality of education.

Every year, there are regular ads for the recruitment of government school teachers.

The respect gained by a teacher motivates a person to become one. There are regular FDP conducted to improve their skills set.

Apart from doing their regular jobs, teachers also give tuitions to increase their earnings. In fact, most of the coaching institute owners started as teachers. Nobody can deny the brand of Kota in the coaching domain. In fact, in Tier 3 & 4 cities, teaching is a wonderful source of livelihood because you can give tuitions during spare time.

In rural areas, if you see someone driving a luxury car, there is every chance of him being a teacher. The teaching profession has changed the economic outlook of rural areas. Villagers have access to all the luxuries found in cities. With such good salaries, companies are yearning to tap the rural market.

Apart from the government jobs, teachers find placement in the private sector as well. There are new schools coming up everywhere. Now DPS braches are available in almost all the towns, where they pay hefty salaries to attract the most talented.

There is a high demand for excellent teachers. States with a shortage of English teachers, people from other parts of the country fill the gap. In fact, teachers have a good chance of finding a job at their desired location.

Excellent schools offer accommodation along with canteen facilities. Their wards receive free education in the school where their parents are working.

Now all this should motivate you for doing a B.Ed. A B.ed done for a good college can benefit your career. They have announced the counselling dates for the UP B.ed JEE & students are scrambling to choose the best b.ed colleges in Uttar Pradesh UP.

How do you choose your college if you cannot get admission to government colleges? Well, I will tell you the scientific way of choosing the best b.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh.

The college should have the latest teaching tools, like smart class & boards that enrich the learning process because all schools have these tools for learning. Any teacher trained on using the latest TLM can easily use them in the class to make us the best b.ed colleges in UP .

A teacher should be empathetic to the learning abilities of his students because they dislike an authoritative teacher, as they cannot connect with him.

Teachers should encourage students to clarify their doubts in class, as many students are reluctant to ask questions. An empathetic teacher can clarify doubts as students feel motivated to ask questions. This way they improve their learning to make us the best b.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh.

VGI nurtures teachers, who are experts in the art of probing. We train them on identifying students who have understood from those who haven’t. We do this through diagnostic tests.

The tests make the students think. While answering students who haven’t understood will choose the wrong answer. This will help the teacher identify the students & their weak areas.

We have partnered with a leading educational company to train teachers on preparing the diagnostic tests, as there is a tremendous demand for them. These abilities make us the best b.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

With corporates searching for experts in critical thinking, problem solving & decision making, teachers have a responsibility to upgrade themselves.

Today, we require leaders who are masters in decision taking because decision takers will dominate the world.

Businesses succeed in timely decisions. In fact, there is a subject of decision sciences being taught in colleges.

VGI educates through case studies where they find a solution to actual problems & develop understanding to make us the best b.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh.

Schools want teachers who are a jack of all trades. VGI provides interdisciplinary credits that allow them to master unique skills needed in schools.

If the sports teacher is absent, our teachers do the job with perfection. We do this through our updated syllabus that makes us the best b.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh.

Schools want teachers who are caring & knowledgeable.

Teachers should create an environment that fosters the overall development of the child.

VGI nurtures teachers, who not only impart subject knowledge but also refine the student’s personality.

They do this by making students take part in the curricular activities that improve their behavioral skills. They motivate students to conduct school assembly that boosts their confidence to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

VGI trains in the school’s management. After a few years of experience, they promote our teachers to make us the best B.Ed. colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

VGI respects the teaching profession by felicitating outstanding teachers on the Teacher’s day. The function motivates them to nurture outstanding teachers that make us the best B.Ed. colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

After few years of experience, teachers can work as curriculum designers & school administrators.

School Management is an important requirement for a teacher as, after getting promoted, they need to accomplish this

Learning by doing is the key to fostering conceptual understanding. Through role plays, students enact the role of a tutor & explain a topic in the class. They first prepare the topic through deliberation in class & then show it, thus improving their communication skills.

This way all students get a chance, which boosts their confidence to make us the best b.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

The first impression is the last impression. Working on this VGI imparts soft skills training to refine the personality of the students. We train students on behavior & communication skills that are crucial for success in the corporate world.

By taking part in activities, they refine team work & group behavior the most desired in schools to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

VGI believes in creating an environment of learning. The green campus on the Delhi Meerut bypass is an epitome of knowledge where students from all parts of the country are studying to realize their dreams.

We provide separate hostel for boys & girls with 24 hours of security. Canteen is serving nutritious food during college time. Gym, sport ground & convenience store ensure we take care of all the student needs within the campus.

The services of a retired army officer ensure the security is perfect to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

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