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What are tests and Tag? Complete 101 Guide

Test and Tag, as the name suggests, involves two parts. The first part, the trial, involves inspecting any appliance for damage and electrically testing the device with a portable appliance tester. This inspection helps check the safety of the machine. The second part, i.e., tag, involves placing a tag on the appliance to confirm that it has been tested. 

The tag states the name of the person who tested the appliance, the test date, and when the next test is scheduled. The testing and tagging Adelaide process help ensure the safety of the people who come in contact with the appliance and minimizes the risk and electrical hazards.

Importance of Test and Tag 

Test and Tag are essential to ensure an appliance’s safety so that whoever uses the device won’t face any electrical hazards. Some standard codes and regulations apply to specific appliances. Thus a machine needs to be regularly tested and tagged to ensure that the device is under the prescribed laws and is not endangering the safety and welfare of others. 

Who should Test and Tag? 

There are skilled and certified professionals in numerous industries that need to have regular tests and tags. These industries are suggested to Test and Tag their equipment every 3 months. This method is usually required by the mining, construction, and demolition crew to ensure that their pieces of equipment have been inspected properly and regularly. 

Due to the harsh environment, these appliances work in; the equipment gets damaged faster. Apart from these Industries, Other industries don’t need a regular test and tag system. However, every organization must ensure the safety of its workers and prevent any electrical accidents. Thus they should regularly get their appliances tested and tagged. 

Equipment needing testing and tagging 

Any equipment that is not low on voltage and has a flexible and removable cable and plug needs regular testing and tagging Adelaide. This may include cord sets, portable RCDs, extension leads, etc. There are three classes in which electrical appliances are classified: 

  1. Class I: Earthed appliances like toasters and irons 
  2. Class II: Insulated appliances like hair dryers and power tools. 

What is a portable appliance tester?

A portable appliance tester, popularly known as a PAT or PAT tester, is used by professionals to test and tag equipment. A PAT tester helps you to test an electrical appliance for safety purposes and gives results on whether the device passed a particular test or not. There are various kinds of testers available in the market with different functionality and prices. Thus, you can get yourself a portable appliance tester anytime as long as you know your requirements.


The test and tag method help you verify and troubleshoot any electrical appliance. Though this method usually applies to electrical appliances, you can also use this to test computers in the IT industry. You can check the power supply or motherboard on your computer using this method.

It allows you to check the safety of any electrical appliances and prevent any electrical hazards from happening. Test and tag your electrical equipment from time to time, as it is important for you and your employees’ safety. So, contact Taylors Test & Tag today for immediate solutions.

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