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What are the benefits of doing a Pharmacy Course ?

The benefits of doing a course in pharmacy are many because it’s a hot career & highly employable.

During the pandemic, the pharmacists formed the core of the healthcare sector because they worked alongside doctors for curing patients.

As long as humanity is there, we require pharmacists because they are experts in drug formulation & discovery.

Even in the lockdown, pharmacies were open because they offered drugs crucial for cure.

Pharmacy is a noble profession because you have to understand prescriptions & give the drugs.

Pharmacists are the backbone of the healthcare system, as doctors cannot cure without pharmacists giving correct drugs.

In the pandemic, companies have realized the importance of R & D because it nurtures drugs for lethal infections like corona.

There is no dearth of jobs for pharmacists because new viruses are crippling humanity.

With a sedentary lifestyle, professionals are catching various ailments that require advanced drugs therefore, we require pharmacists.

Pharmacy is a research oriented field wherein pharmacists endure in labs for new drug discovery. It combines biology, anatomy & chemical sciences that enable the formulation of various drugs.

India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally because we have a large manufacturing base.

We supply over 50 percent of the world vaccines since we have the largest vaccine producer, Serum Institute of India.

Curious & creative people are successful in pharmaceuticals because it requires planning for new drugs.

Indian firms have realized the importance of research because innovative drugs foster growth crucial for the company.

Companies need experts in production & research because they can discover new drugs that are crucial for humanity.

There are plenty of jobs for pharmacists. Pharmacists can work in three settings:-

India is rapidly revamping its R & D because the pandemic has taught us the importance of researched drugs.

India is among the few countries that discovered its own vaccine because institutes like National Institute of Virology & ICMR worked in tandem to develop Covaxin.

The pharmacists are the companions of the doctor who act as a link between the doctor & patient because they provide drugs prescribed by the doctor.

There are many opportunities for pharmacists because new viruses are attacking mankind.

Because of sedentary lifestyle BP, diabetes & body pains are common & it requires medication guided by pharmacists. Hence, a career in pharmacy is stable & rewarding as it pertains to relieving humans from pain & suffering.

In my career spanning over 20 years, I have visited many colleges, but one college worth mentioning is –

Best Pharmacy College in Meerut

The corona pandemic reinforced people’s confidence in vaccination because unvaccinated people are contracting the virus in large numbers.

VGI Meerut is an institution that fosters research in pharmaceutical sciences because we believe innovations are crucial for survival.

The college has state-of-the-art labs & workshops that inspire students for innovation, thus making us the best pharmacy colleges in Meerut.

We equipped the labs with machines & tools that motivate students for innovation, thus making us the best pharmacy colleges in Meerut.

We supplied the library with latest books & e-resources that augment the knowledge of our students & make them confident. The seminar halls are brimming with expert talk crucial for skill enhancement.

VGI’s conference hall provides the perfect atmosphere because it is AV enabled, thus making us the best pharmacy colleges in Meerut.

We designed our classrooms aesthetically because this assists in discussion & debate crucial for learning.

Intel powered computing labs assist students in achieving their academic goals, thus making us the best colleges for pharmacy in Meerut UP.

We have carefully hired the faculty because we believe expert mentors are crucial to success.

They have years of experience that are crucial in imparting key skills to the students.

The faculty shows the outcome in labs because we profess experiential learning, thus making us the best d pharmacy colleges in Meerut.

Majority of them are doctorates who impart crucial skills, thus making us the best B Pharmacy colleges in Meerut.

We send them on FDP because skill enhancement fosters innovation crucial for success in today’s time.

VGI organizes expert seminars that enlighten students on the latest trends, thus making us the best PCI approved pharmacy college in Meerut UP.

Internship is an integral part of VGI because practical skills are crucial for success in life. We have partnered with leading companies for providing internship to our students.

Students gain hands-on skills that refine their professional acumen, because practical skills are crucial for the job.

Majority of our students get placed after internship because we impart practical skills, thus making us the best colleges for pharmacy in Meerut.

The teaching method at VGI is unique because we involve students in the learning process.

Students take part in role plays, case studies, & projects that inculcate experiential learning critical for success in the corporate world.

Students perform formulations in labs because this fosters problem solving & critical thinking, thus making us the best B Pharmacy colleges in Meerut UP.

Presentations & seminars help in imbibing concepts because this fosters presentation skills crucial for success in life.

Pharmacy is a specialized field requiring research for drug discovery. Practical’s are integral because it fosters conceptual understanding crucial for drug formulation & discovery.

The course curriculum at VGI is industry oriented because we teach what they require in the market. The course committee interacts with industry experts & devises the syllabus accordingly.

We train students on the latest skills because this fosters employability, thus making us the best Pharmacy colleges in Meerut.

VGI fosters overall development through sport & cultural events because an outgoing personality is crucial for success.

The sports committee organizes sports events that fosters team spirit & physique because they are vital ingredients of life.

The cultural committee arranges cultural events, including fashion shows that mitigate inhibition & refines the personality of the students.

We train on soft skills because interpersonal skills are vital for success, thus making us the best D pharmacy colleges in Meerut UP.

The Placement department enhances the communication skills through mock interviews & group discussions because this assists in placement.

The placement cell visits companies for enabling placement, thus making us the best B pharmacy colleges in Meerut.

Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) & All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has recognized the course.

Board of Technical Education (BTE) & AKTU Lucknow has granted affiliation to our pharmacy courses.

The faulty is an interesting blend of academic & industry trained professionals who ensure students imbibe key skills making us the top D Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

To make our students, job ready compulsory internship is part of the B Pharma course. This guarantees pupils have time to apply theory in actual life situations. This way majority of students find placement by the course end.

Our unique specialty is the teaching method. We designed the course curriculum after consultation with industry. This is to ensure we are teaching what they require in the market.

The Course Committee regularly updates the syllabus after feedback from industry experts, ensuring our graduates achieve lucrative placement making us the top B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

We integrated the syllabus with curricular & extracurricular activities to refine the personality of the students.

The college strives for all round development of students by organizing presentation, seminars, conferences, online teaching, dramatization, poster presentation, assignments, industrial visits, latest teaching aids and practical experimentation making us the best B Pharma Colleges in Meerut.

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