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What Are the Best Paint Colors for Exterior Home Painting?

What Are the Best Paint Colors for Exterior Home Painting?

Did you know that colors can evoke feelings of happiness and anger, depending on which ones are used and how?

Each time you drive up to your house, the colors are putting you in a particular mood.

If you want to be happy and enjoy coming home, you should consider which colors will be most beneficial.

Continue reading to discover the best paint colors for exterior siding on homes so that you can improve your curb appeal and mood!


One of the best paint colors for exterior siding is ivory.

Ivory is similar to sand or tan colors. It looks wonderful mixed with bright and bold colors, along with white. Ivory is often used because it doesn’t attract too much heat from the sun, looks refreshing, and is clean.

If you are hiring someone for exterior home painting, this color should be at the top of your list. Not only do bright doors and decor help make your home stand out, but so will the flowers!

Black & White

If you are looking for a modern exterior home painting palette, you should consider the basics.

White and black are contrasting colors, which will help make your home look more visually appealing. Many people recommend painting the door, shutters, or other features bright red. The red stands out against the black and white, giving the home character.

The best part about this color of exterior paint is that you can change your style over the year. These colors work great with all types of landscaping and decor!

Mossy Green

Many painting experts use the color mossy green since it looks so well on homes and is trending.

If you enjoy Mediterranean styles or want to blend in with nature, mossy green is the best color to select. Mossy green is calming and won’t be overwhelming since it blends with the trees, plants, and moss around the home. Make sure you incorporate other colors, especially white, to help windows and doors stand out.

Roof tiles and bronze look wonderful with mossy green paint. This will make your home look luxurious and peaceful.


Pale and aqua blue are fun colors to paint on the exterior of your home.

It is common to associate sad feelings with blue, however, this color also evokes feelings of comfort and calmness. White and gray pair well with blue paint, but don’t be afraid to incorporate other colors as well.

The blue is dark enough to keep everything looking clean but light enough so that it doesn’t overheat in the sunlight.

Have You Tried the Best Paint Colors for Exterior Siding?

Finding the best paint colors for exterior sidings can get overwhelming when you think about all of the options.

The color of your home can directly affect your mood, so you should take a look inward to help pick something for the exterior. Neutral colors are recommended since they go with so many types of landscaping and decor.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement and paint the front door in a bright color that brings you happiness.

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