What Are the Business Benefits of Using Custom Packaging Boxes?

Did you know it takes up to seven impressions for customers to remember your brand?

Yet, this critical statistic begs the question: how do you generate those impressions?

Creating a memorable branding identity is the main answer. However, this answer comes with many working parts.

Everything from logos to advertising strengthens those impressions. One of the most important cornerstones to remember is packaging design.

Despite perfect product design, your items will go unnoticed on the shelf without the right custom packaging boxes.

Learn more about crafting the best custom boxes!

Reap the Rewards of Traditional Marketing

Wait, traditioning marketing?

You read that right!

While social media and digital marketing are vital, traditional methods are still necessary (and viable.)

Custom packaging is delivered right to the doorstep, getting closer to customers than any other tactic. Business cards, promotional pens, branded mail, and promo items have the same marketing power.

Therefore, you want to make the most of this opportunity.

Leverage Discounts and Special Offers

You’re not just a business owner. You’re also a customer. Think about the service you expect from a business.

For example, you know you’re more likely to buy more if offered a discount. Of course, your customers are hungry for the same perks!

Custom packaging is perfect for advertising and delivering special offers. You also get to leverage another powerful print marketing method—flyers!

It’s also worth investing in color-printed flyers and thicker, glossy paper. You want these special offers to really stand out amongst the packaging.

Flyers are only one option. You can also include free sample products inside your custom boxes. This strategy works really well for online pet supply retailers.

Optimize Your Customer Service Strategy

Unfortunately, many people have a limited view of customer service. The first role that typically comes to mind is phone assistance or retail sales. Yet, it’s so much more.

As more consumers and companies embrace remote life, there’s a bigger demand for delivery services. Thus, custom packaging boxes and customer service are inextricably linked.

Thus, you must also design your packaging with customer service in mind.

Essential elements include:

  • Customer support number
  • Company website
  • Factory-sealed boxes
  • Safe and tested packaging
  • In-tact items

You can also brand your packaging tape with custom logos, messages, and colors. Plus, tissue paper and bubble wrap are available in custom styles.

Of course, on-time (or even early) delivery wraps up the entire customer experience.

If you’re an online retailer that offers returns, include return envelopes and supplies for customers’ convenience. Remember to research more on corrugated box manufacturers to ensure quality. These gestures improve loyalty and customer lifetime value (CLV) rates.

You can measure customer packaging engagement rates with box barcodes, promo code numbers, and other unique identifiers.

Invest in Quality Custom Packaging Boxes

Are your personalized boxes indistinguishable from regular cardboard boxes?

Transform your custom packaging boxes with a real marketing strategy. Remember the benefits of traditional marketing, freebies, special offers, and customer service while designing your boxes.

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