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What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Layouts That Exist Today?

Loo, potty, John, lavatory, restroom – whatever you call it, your bathroom is one of the most intimate and private spaces in your home.

Chances are, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom, between concerts in the shower to practicing your big speech in the mirror. Like any other room in your home, your bathroom should be comfortable.

However, the wrong layout can leave you feeling cramped, crowded, and rushing to get out!

If you’re not sure what different types of bathroom layouts you can look into for your upcoming renovation, keep reading for some of the best ideas, as well as tips and tricks to help bring your dream bathroom to life.

Components Of Your Bathroom

Before diving into the different layouts you can select, you’ll need to decide what you want in your bathroom.

Typically, the best bathrooms consist of a sink, toilet, shower, bath, and storage options. However, some bathrooms may exclude the shower and bath, intended only for toilet use.

You can also choose to include added extras, like a whirlpool or jacuzzi tub, extra counter space, sinks, or additional storage.

What you choose to include in your bathroom also depends on how much space you have. You won’t be able to fit a full tub in an area that’s only fifteen square feet!


One of the most common design options, the one-sided layout is exactly what it sounds like. The main components of the bathroom are located on one side of the room.

Typically, the toilet is located between the sink and the shower, but finding what works best for you is essential. The shower may also run along the width of the bathroom to form an “L” shape.

This layout makes plumbing easy, as everything is centralized to one side of the bathroom, making any necessary repairs a breeze. This layout also allows for storage, as the bare wall can be used for shelving or towel bars.


Unlike the one-sided layout, the center-focused option will appear more balanced. The main three components will be separated throughout the bathroom, allowing for a more open feeling.

Typically, the toilet and sink will be on one wall, while the shower will be opposite. However, for larger rooms, the toilet and shower may be on opposing walls while the sink stands on the wall between them.

Full Bath

Most standard residential households have at least one full bath in the house. These bathrooms have a sink, toilet, and shower. Often, there is also a tub in the shower, but some are stand-alone.

Full bathrooms can be a center or one-sided layout, based on preference and space. All master bathrooms are full baths, and many have extra features like more counter space, double sinks, or a detached shower and tub.

There are other extras, like heated floors or hand dryers, that you can install in your full bath. You can check out this website for more information on bathroom accessories like hand dryers or shelving.

Half Bath

A half bath, or powder room, is commonly located near the area of your home where guests will gather. Typically on the first floor near the living room, these bathrooms usually only hold a toilet and sink.

These are great options for those with limited space. Even though there’s no shower, there’s more than enough space for someone to get ready for the day. A smart homeowner won’t discount the benefits of these small spaces!

Open Concept

If you’re looking for something minimal, sleek, and modern, an open concept bathroom layout is just what you need. Like other open-concept layouts, these bathrooms consist of very few walls and large open areas.

Often, these residential bathrooms feature a walk-in shower with no doors or thin glass, a stand-alone soaker tub as the focal point of the room, and high, lofty sinks. There is also often open storage to reduce the number of doors.

Jack And Jill

The Jack and Jill style bathroom is perfect for families with lots of kids. These bathrooms are located between two bedrooms, with doors allowing entry into the shared space.

Though considered one of the most outdated bathroom design ideas, there are modern upgrades you can make to this layout. Instead of two doors leading into one open bathroom, you can add privacy options.

You can opt to have the doors lead to separate sinks while another door leads into the bathroom. This helps ensure privacy, while also giving users their own sink space to get ready.

Get Creative

When it comes to your bathroom, choosing the layout that works best for you is essential. You can opt to change these layouts in order to rearrange the components to suit your needs.

If you have a smaller bathroom, selecting a location that offers optimal natural light can help make the room appear larger than it is. Similarly, choosing the right paint colors and adding mirrors can help feign space.

Be sure to keep different factors like humidity and moisture in mind when selecting designs aspects. Wallpaper is a great way to add decor to your bathroom layout, but the dampness can cause it to deteriorate.

The Different Types of Bathroom Layouts For Your Renovation

Your bathroom should be a space for relaxation, solitude, and quiet. Ensuring the layout suits your needs is detrimental to guaranteeing your comfort and ease while navigating your day-to-day needs.

Don’t forget to personalize after your bathroom remodel! Adding decor, rugs, plants, and functional storage can help make your bathroom feel cozier.

If you found this guide to the types of bathroom layouts you can invest in informative, be sure to check out the rest of our website. There, you can discover more helpful home improvement tips and tricks.

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