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What Are the Different Types of Dentures That Exist Today?

Around 36 million Americans have no teeth, which highlights how important dentures are for improving one’s smile.

We can all picture dentures sitting in a glass of water on our grandparent’s bedside table, but there are actually different types available. Whether you’re missing all your teeth or just one, it’s possible to use dentures to restore your winning smile and confidence. Perhaps you’re new to the world of dentures and you’re not sure where to begin.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the different types of dentures available today.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are almost the face of the dental industry, thanks to their presence in pop culture. These replace all of the patient’s teeth and sit on the top of the gums, unlike dental bridges which are connected to the adjacent tooth. Note, full dentures are placed within 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed.

Partial Dentures

As the name suggests, partial denture repairs are the recommended dental treatment for patients with some natural teeth left. You can choose fixed or removable, depending on your preference. A major benefit of these is they’re stronger than false teeth and look natural compared to other options.


One of the best dentures is overdentures. These sit over the gums and are fixed, thanks to dental implants. Overdentures are also versatile and work for both the upper and lower jaw.

Another benefit is how overdentures are stable, which improves chewing function compared to traditional dentures. But it’s important to remove overdentures every night for cleaning, otherwise, there will be bacteria buildup.

Start by brushing your dentures and then soak them in a specific cleanser as it will eliminate any food or plaque. You can leave them overnight unless the manufacturer or dentist has said otherwise. Note, rinse your dentures thoroughly before replacing them as they will be covered in a soaking solution.

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Upper Dentures

Another common dental procedure is getting upper dentures. As you can imagine, upper dentures are solely for your upper teeth, which is great news if you’re missing several there. But make sure you find the best dentist in the local area so they can recommend the right denture for you.

Immediate Dentures

Not all patients can wait weeks before getting traditional dentures, which is why immediate ones are so effective. But because of this, these dentures aren’t molded into your gums so it’s best for a temporary fix. Plus, they don’t look as natural.

Learn the Different Types of Dentures Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re familiar with the types of dentures you can choose from.

Each type of denture comes with its own perks, so it’s important to ask a dentist for their recommendation. Patients who have lost multiple teeth, for example, will benefit from full dentures or overdentures. In contrast, if you’ve lost several, then consider partial dentures. Good luck!

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