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What Are the Different Types of EMF Radiation That Exists Today?

At any given moment, you’re around a wide range of EMF emitting devices.

That’s because the modern world is built around electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). Some forms can cause severe health risks with little exposure, while others are harmless.

If you’re curious or concerned about the effects of these invisible forces, keep reading to find out the different types of EMF radiation that exist today.

Non-ionizing EMFs

The first of two categories of electromagnetic radiation is non-ionizing EMFs. These are low-to-mid-level frequencies of electricity and magnets.

The earth, for example, is full of its own non-ionizing radiation, including its magnetic field as well as molecular compounds.

Examples of non-ionizing EMFs include:

  • Infrared
  • Microwaves
  • Radiofrequency (RF)
  • Static fields
  • Visible light

Most of your day-to-day devices emit non-ionizing EMFs. This includes cell phones, computers, microwaves, WiFi signals, TVs, and metal detectors.

Electric devices produce radiation regardless of whether the device is on or off. So, turning off your cell phone doesn’t stop it from producing EMFs.

Although more research is needed, it’s generally accepted that non-ionizing EMFs aren’t a major health concern. There’s no data indicating that this form of radiation changes your body at a molecular level.

Ionizing EMFs

Ionizing EMFs, however, pose health risks. They emit high-level radiation that ionizes cells at an atomic level, removing electrons from individual atoms.

This can lead to cellular mutations and cancer, posing a major health risk after exposure.

Ionizing radiation examples include some ultraviolet (UV) rays, x-rays, and gamma rays. These can come from the sun, tanning beds, and medical diagnostic and treatment machines.

Within this category of radiation, there are three different types of exposure scenarios. The first is planned exposure, which is relevant in medical settings. That’s why professionals take precautions, such as safety vests, to reduce negative consequences.

The next scenario is existing exposures, which include radiation from terrestrial, cosmic, and technological sources. These are always present.

The least common and most hazardous scenario is emergency exposure, which occurs during situations like nuclear accidents.

The main takeaway here is that low doses of ionizing EMF exposure can have carcinogenic effects, but it’s not the type of radiation present in the devices most people use every day.

Identifying Types of EMF Radiation Near You

If you’re concerned about the health effects of radiation, you may want to invest in EMF equipment.

You can visit sites like to learn more about various meters and monitors you can use to assess your environment. Then, you can accurately find out your individual situation and make the right decisions to protect your health.

Make Informed Decisions

Now that you know about the different types of EMF radiation, you can make informed decisions to protect your health.

Remember, not all forms are created equally. As such, not all of them are things to be overly concerned about.

Keep reading our blog for more educational content about health and wellness.

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