What Are the Different Types of Mattresses That Exist Today?

Are you ready for a new mattress, or finally striking out on your own and getting to pick your first mattress out? Mattress shopping might seem like a lot of laying on beds and then finding the perfect pick like a princess in a fairy tale. However, there are more to many mattresses than meets the eye.

Mattresses come in different sizes and materials, and that can impact how you sleep and how long they last. Don’t pick the first mattress you see. Shop around and learn about all your options so you can get the best sleep every night.


An innerspring mattress is one of the most common mattress types and is good if you’re on a budget. However, they typically last 5-8 years, which is the shortest lifespan. A spring mattress is the firmest option, ranging from firm to medium soft.

This is a good choice for people with back issues, and if you don’t mind a harder mattress you may end up with better sleep.

Spring mattresses come in many types including Bonnell, continuous coil, and offset. Each will have its own advantages and disadvantages, so if you want a spring mattress, check out the individual varieties you’ll encounter when you shop.


Since memory foam came into play in the 1970s it’s been all the rage. Foam mattresses are softer than spring, and can be more luxurious, but also more expensive. These mattresses are good for people who suffer from joint pain or prefer to sleep on their side.

Foam mattresses also have different types, including memory foam, latex, gel foam, and polyfoam. These do have pros and cons to consider if you know you want a foam mattress.


A hybrid mattress brand is what you would expect, having both springs and foam. Of all the mattress types, this often offers the best of bost worlds. It provides a softer feel while still providing back support, and isn’t as loud as innerspring mattresses.

If you’re shopping for a mattress with your partner, this can offer better sleep for both of you, especially if you prefer different levels of softness.

For a variety of mattress types all in one place, you can find more here. Some shops will only sell one type of mattress, so check out your options before you settle for something that won’t suit you in the long run.

All Types of Mattresses

You might think that the best mattress is only foam or only innerspring, but there are benefits to both, and a hybrid could be a better fit. The mattress industry has created so many different types it can be hard to know where to begin, but start with you and how you like to sleep. Think of what you need in a mattress and then look for those qualities when you’re ready to shop.

Don’t settle for a subpar mattress when you could get one that suits you and provides you with better sleep each night. And if this helped you better understand the mattress varieties you’ll be looking at, keep reading for more good info.

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