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What Are the Different Types of Tequila That People Drink Today?

Did you know that the alcohol in spirits, wine, and beer is actually ethyl alcohol? Alcohol acts as a depressant which means that it slows down activity in your brain.

As you’re looking at alcohol to buy, you might be tempted by the different types of tequila. Which is the right option for you and why? Read this guide on understanding the different types of tequila and deciding which is best for you today!


When taking a look at the different types of tequila at stores such as Liquorama, you might wonder which to choose. Blanco is a great choice!

As you take a look at the best tequila, the good news is that Blanco tequila doesn’t go inside of an oak barrel. That means that you can experience and enjoy the natural flavors found within this alcoholic beverage.

Some producers decide to let the tequila rest in steel tanks before transport. Even if this occurs, the flavor of this beverage is still often there. Blanco is great in Margaritas. There are different drinks that you can enjoy including a Tequila Sunrise, Classic Margarita, and others.


Joven tequila is often known as Gold tequila. This is where you’ll have flavoring, coloring, oak extracts, glycerin, or sugar added to it. This is an affordable tequila since it often doesn’t have 100% agave in it.

Great option for cocktails since it has a citrus flavor. Keep in mind that Joven tends to be harder to find. Joven tequila tends to have a flavor similar to Blanco tequila but has hints of spices and vanilla in the flavor.


The alcohol industry ages this type of tequila in oak barrels for at least 2 months. If you’re looking for a flavorful or dynamic Margarita, then this is a great option. You can also place it in highball drinks as well so they make a great party tequila.

Extra Añejo

This type of tequila is harder to find since it’s aged for at least 3 years. The amber color of tequila can tell you the age, minus the Gold tequila.

Traditional Añejo

For traditional Añejo, it can be aged in an oak barrel from 1-3 years. Since it has a rich flavor, it’s best to enjoy it on the rocks. Don’t waste it in cocktails.

Lowland vs Highland Tequila

Lowland tequilas come from lower valley regions. These have more of an earthy flavor to them.

Highland tequilas are produced at higher elevations. They can have a floral or soft sweetness to them. Agave spirits and their flavoring depend on the environment that they’re grown.

Exploring the Different Types of Tequila

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the different types of tequila. Take your time deciding what the best tequila for you is.

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