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What Are the Distinctive Features of TikTok-Style Short Video Sharing Apps?

In recent years, social media platforms have seen tremendous growth. In such cases, short video-sharing platforms drew many users’ attention. Furthermore, it has inspired entrepreneurs to create the best short video-sharing app, such as TikTok. As an entrepreneur, if you fall into this category, keep this blog handy to learn more about its development process at a low cost.

Gone are the days when people read newspapers to find out what was going on. They could get the latest news worldwide without having to travel, thanks to their fastest digital media. In this way, a 15-second video drew in many viewers. Who wouldn’t want to watch a video that entertains viewers while saving time on social media platforms? But what makes this so beneficial in the online industry? Without a doubt, the enticing features integrated into apps such as TikTok. Now, let us take a quick look at it.

TikTok Clone’s Distinctive Characteristics

Duet Option – Users can now duet with existing videos on the platform. Furthermore, they can duet with their friends and family more effectively.

Customized Channel – Viewers can customize the video categories and select the area of interest that they want to see. The app can also recommend videos to spectators based on their activity.

Stickers And Filters – What fun is there if you don’t have stickers and filters? You can allow users to express themselves creatively by utilizing the filters available on your platform. This will enhance the videos and assist them in gaining followers.

Group Chats – Users can now create group chats in which they can share their videos with their families and friends while also interacting effectively.

Aside from these, other advanced features can improve the functionality of your app in the online marketplace.

Five steps to creating a TikTok-like app

We’ll walk you through the process of turning your business idea into a video editing app like TikTok.

Step 1: Conduct market research.

To bring a concept for a social media app with music videos to life, you must conduct research and learn more about your target market. As a result, you will have a clear picture of market dynamics, how customers interact with brands, key players, and emerging trends. Then, you must validate your initial assumptions and modify your project to meet the business objectives.

However, the most important aspect requiring a thorough understanding is your target audience. The first step toward your goal is to learn more about your target audience. You should do the following research:

Profile of demographics. You must understand your users’ average age, location, device type, and financial situation. It would be interesting to learn how frequently they have access to a reliable internet connection.

Behavioral patterns. While each app is unique, there are a few trends that you can apply to your future app. Such trends include a decrease in user desire to download something, a rapidly decreasing tolerance for slow loading times, low tolerance for lack of security, a high value placed on app utility, etc.

We recommend creating a buyer persona, a concrete portrait of your ideal users, to help you create a better product that responds to your users’ wants and needs.

Step 2: Select a monetization model.

When you’ve determined who your potential users are, it’s time to decide on a future business model for one of the best TikTok alternatives. Below, we’ve listed several monetization strategies for your video editing music app, such as TikTok.

Fundraising. Fundraising can help you attract investment at the start of your project because it is the process of collecting money as donations from individuals and businesses. TikTok, too, has fundraising as one of its premium earning modes. The app was recently funded with $3 billion by wealthy investors.

Purchases made in-app. TikTok users can support live broadcasters by purchasing coins in-app with real money. Followers exchange coins for gifts and bestow them on others during their live streams. Coins are sold in bundles of 100 to 10,000, ranging from 99 cents to $99.99. According to Sensor Tower data, the most popular bundle among users is the 100 coin bundle, followed by the 500 coin bundle, priced at $4.99. You can apply the same monetization strategy to your next app.

Another option for app monetization is advertising, which includes several types of in-app advertising, such as:

Cost Per Click (CPC). Advertisers are paid each time a user interacts with an ad in their app.

Price per mille. Advertisers are charged by the app owner for every 1,000 impressions of their ad within the mobile app.

Cost of each action. Advertisers only pay for clicks that result in a specific action, such as app installation, form submission, website registration, or newsletter signup.

Now that you’ve determined your future business model let’s get started on the app development process.

Step 3: Engage the services of an app development team.

After completing the target audience research and business model, you must contact the development team and begin the project discovery phase.

The Discovery Phase of a software project entails business analysis and requirements elicitation, technology stack selection, cost estimation, and project planning.

During the Discovery(Inception) Phase, we typically carry out the following activities, which may vary depending on the requirements:

Define the scope of the project, the main features of the future software, and the business priorities.

Create an app development workflow that takes monetization into account.

Determine the main app features and user roles.

Create a concept for a future app.

Following that, the team will prioritize the app’s features, establish project milestones, and create the project’s MVP.

Step 4: Create an MVP for a TikTok substitute.

The creation of a social video application is a difficult task. As a result, rather than developing a fully-functional and expensive app, we recommend launching a TikTok alternative as an MVP or minimum viable product. This way, you can find out how users like your TikTok alternative and use their feedback to improve the project in the future.

Step 5: Expand your app

We’ve compiled the most effective strategies for making TikTok alternatives as popular as the original app.

Optimization for the App Store (ASO). Application marketplaces continue to be the most important driver of application discovery, with over 561 million daily downloads. You can use app marketplaces like Google Play and the App Store to attract new users to your app. However, to improve your application’s search ranking on the application marketplace, you must optimize it.

The following application marketplace optimization tips are effective for driving a large amount of high-quality traffic to TikTok alternatives:

  • Incorporating relevant keywords into the title tag
  • Creating a memorable icon
  • Creating a captivating description

Organic Mobile User Growth You can retarget traffic from organic channels such as websites and social media profiles to the application marketplace’s page to increase user acquisition in TikTok alternatives.

You can use the following for this purpose:

Clever banners. Such banners will direct mobile website visitors to your mobile application or marketplace page.

Marketing through content. To implement this strategy, you must create high-quality content on popular topics among your target audience, such as infographics, blog posts, or videos.

Paid Promotion. You can increase installs of your TikTok alternative by 150 percent by running paid social media ads, PPC campaigns through Google Adwords, and cross-promotions with partner apps. You can create various advertisements and calls to action to nurture potential customers from the awareness stage to the application download.

The App Solution’s involvement with social media platforms

One of our clients created a mobile social app with public chat that will bring together professionals from various industries. That’s how the TikTok mobile app came to be. To meet the client’s business objectives, we implemented the following features:

Creating two kinds of profiles: service providers and clients

Posting queries or questions and receiving responses from experts

Using Google Maps SDK to detect the user’s location and display relevant professionals nearby

Using Google Cloud Messaging to send notifications

To meet tight deadlines, we used EventBus, an open-source event library that simplifies communication between components and improves the performance of UI artifacts. As a result, we completed the project with all the necessary features in just three months.

Coming to an End

Developing an app like TikTok is not as difficult as you might think. Seek out the best app developers to provide you with solid solutions as soon as possible.

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