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What are the Five Principles of First Aid?

Five Principles of First Aid

First aid is the very first response which one is required to give in terms of any accident or mishap. There are such cases where proper medication may take time, in such cases the first aid comes as an immediate response. The accidents may occur due to various reasons; people in certain cases also approach the medical negligence solicitors in the UK when they feel that they should be compensated for their loss. Without going for any complications, it is important to know the first aid principles as accidents may occur to anyone at any time.

Five Principles of First Aid

Knowing the basics of first aid is humane and requires no great effort. The following are the five principles of first aid which everyone should know.

Preserving Life

The first principle of first aid is to preserve your own life. It is not wise to put your life in danger in the quest of saving the other’s life. The safety of your own life should be kept in mind. It is everyone’s basic right to think and care for his individuality. One should not put himself in danger while saving the lives of others, in such a situation it is advised to call a medical professional. The purpose of giving the first aid is to help the victim not to put your self in threat.

Preventing the Deterioration

While giving first aid to the injured, it is important to be mild and vigilant. By this, it means that does not rush with the persona and keep a soft hand on them as they might be having any internal injuries which might deteriorate if treated harshly. Another important factor while preventing a deterioration that you must clear the area as it can hold the chance of any further mishaps. In case of saving someone from a fire, clear the area immediately as the fire may erupt anytime. See also how you can avoid medical malpractice.

Taking Immediate Action

The immediate action is the very essence of the first aid. The immediate action includes giving the oxygen supply to the victim or in case of burning pouring water on the burnt area. The immediate actions can save the person from any more damage.

Calming Down the Situation

The situation must be calmed down by the immediate actions which are required. While giving the first aid, one must console the surroundings and let the people calm down. The screaming and shouting must not be made on the part of the survivor.

Calling for Medical Assistance

The final principle of first aid is to call for relevant medical assistance. To bring the patient to the right doctor as per his injuries. Help the victim by giving a safe drive to the desired hospital so that he can have proper assistance.


Keeping in view the above-mentioned principles of first aid, the first aid service provider must keep an open eye in terms of his surroundings and the very victim as well. The small and careful steps can make the rescue service way more easy and safe.

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