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What are the highest paying jobs in Canada 2022?

It’s evident that work will never be the same again as we prepare for a post-pandemic future. Not only has the manner we work changed but so have the types of tasks we desire to undertake. You may take help from Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

With many older workers opting for early retirement rather than returning to work, and younger people — particularly those who have been on the front lines — opting for less stressful employment, several industries will face significant labor shortages in the next months and years.

So, what if you want to locate stable work in your field that also pays well? For the year 2022, these are some of the highest-paying in-demand careers in Canada.

Many provinces of Canada are releasing the list for High in-demand jobs in Canada. For example, Ontario will be inviting more than 100 entrepreneurs for immigration. The target is set for the coming two years (2022-2023).

Any person with good business, with the capacity of driving more jobs to Canada, is more than welcome. The citizens residing in Montreal are also invited. But they must be enrolled in the high in-demand jobs.

Some of the highest-paying jobs are:

  1. Pharmacists: Consult Canada immigration consultants

While family practices moved online, consumers may still see their pharmacist in person for advice on minor medical issues. They’re in high demand around the country, with one of the most sought-after positions in the country. You must have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and pass the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada exam to work as a pharmacist in Canada.

  1. Supply chain manager: Know more about Canada immigration experts

A shortage of people in the field is one of the key causes of the global supply chain issue. Dockworkers, warehouse employees, truckers, and planning professionals such as supply chain managers are among them. As a supply chain manager, you are responsible for overseeing the many links in the network and ensuring that they all function properly. Supply chain managers usually have a bachelor’s degree and a supply chain management diploma. If you are not sure of this, you can contact Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

  1. Project manager

Because so many businesses outsource certain jobs, it’s critical that someone knows who’s doing what. As a project manager, you ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them and when certain tasks should be completed. Because you’re essentially delegating, this is one of the best low-stress occupations if you know how to work smart rather than hard. You can earn a project management degree or diploma, but it’s more vital to have enough experience in the sector.

  1. Electrical engineer

As businesses rely more on automation and computer systems, electrical engineers are in higher demand. Whether it’s a component in an automobile, a radar, and navigation system, a communications system, or power generation, electrical engineers are primarily responsible for designing, developing, and testing electrical systems. To work as an electrical engineer in Canada, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and then complete the standards of your province or territory’s regulatory agency.

  1. Human resource manager

Companies require skilled personnel to guarantee that workers’ demands are satisfied while simultaneously keeping the company’s interests in mind, especially as workers become increasingly vocal about their rights. This is one of the finest careers for Generation Z since you’ll be more in tune with how to keep employees motivated and thrive in a younger workforce. In order to work as a human resources manager in Canada, you normally require a bachelor’s degree in a related profession.

  1. Registered nurse

Even before the epidemic, there was a nurse shortage in Canada. During the epidemic, this was worsened by nurses departing owing to exhaustion and other health difficulties. While all types of nurses are in high demand, registered nurses are the highest earners in the industry and have one of the best starting wages. To work as a registered nurse in Canada, you must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and complete the provincial or territorial licensing requirements.

  1. Security analyst

Because we’ve moved so much of our lives online, cybersecurity is more vital than it’s ever been. As a security analyst, you identify dangers to the company’s security and devise strategies to counter them before they become an issue. A bachelor’s degree in a computer-related subject is required to work as a security analyst.

  1. Software developer

As the name implies, software developers create software that allows our computers and phones to work and accomplish the tasks we want them to. Unlike software engineers, who typically work in groups, software developers typically work alone, making this a perfect employment for introverts. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline is usually required to work as a software developer.

  1. Digital marketing manager

Companies had to modify their marketing strategy as they moved online. It’s your responsibility as a digital marketing manager to create and oversee the implementation of digital and social media marketing strategies. To work as a digital marketing manager, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related discipline, as well as ongoing training in analytics.

  1. Teacher

Prior to the epidemic, Canada already had a teacher shortage. Due to the difficulties of teaching during the pandemic, more teachers have left the field, resulting in an even greater scarcity of all types of teachers, including substitute teachers. Francophone teachers are in particularly high demand. To work as a teacher in Canada, you’ll typically need a bachelor’s degree in education or a bachelor’s degree in the subject you wish to teach, as well as further education certification.

  1. Manufacturing engineer

As a manufacturing engineer, your job is to figure out how to use machinery and equipment in a manufacturing plant in the most efficient way possible. For example, you’ll need to arrange the plant’s structure, which these days include figuring out how to keep workers socially separated. You’ll collaborate closely with an industrial engineer who is more concerned with the workers’ needs.

  1. Network administrator

As a network administrator, you’re in charge of a company’s whole computer network, both hardware, and software. You must not only install and maintain the system but also teach users and troubleshoot any issues that arise. This is the reason it is one of the most sleep-deprived jobs. Despite this, network administrators are in high demand because nearly no organization can function without them. To work as a network administrator, you must have a computer networking diploma or a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

  1. Accountant

Accountants are in charge of a company’s finances, executing tasks such as payroll, inventory management, billing, and tax filing. You need a Bachelor’s degree to work as an accountant. You can take it a step further by taking the relevant courses and passing the exam to become a CA. This is also one of the best-paying careers in Canada for newcomers.

  1. Welder

You can ask for jobs in this sector from Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

As skilled tradesmen retire, there are Labour shortages in the trades. Welders are still in high demand in a variety of industries, including construction and mining. To become a welder, you’ll need to complete an apprenticeship and possibly a trade school qualification. If you have a commercial diving certification on top of that, you can work as an underwater welder. Which is one of the highest-paying careers for water lovers.

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