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What Are the Main Types of Neck Pain? How Can You Get Treatment?

What Are the Main Types of Neck Pain? How Can You Get Treatment?

A pain in the neck isn’t just a figure of speech. Neck pain is one of the most common medical problems in the world, affecting 2.7% of the world’s population.

One reason why neck pain is so common is that there are many types of neck pain. Before you call your doctor, you should get the facts and figure out what is going on with your neck.

What are the most common signs of neck pain? What are the causes of neck pain? What are your treatment options, and when do you need surgery?

Answer these questions and you can find the perfect treatment options you need. Here is your quick guide.

Axial Pain

Muscle strains and ligament sprains can cause axial pain. Axial pain occurs in one part of the neck, and it may feel achy, dull, or throbbing. The pain may become more severe when you move your neck or sit in an awkward position.

After a few days, a muscle strain or ligament sprain can heal itself, and the pain may alleviate. However, a bone fracture or degeneration in a spinal disc can lead to axial pain.

You should consider going to a chiropractor if you feel your neck bones are broken or misaligned. Visit websites like https://www.ucsiouxfalls.com/ to assess your options for neck pain treatment.

Myelopathic Pain

Myelopathic pain originates from the spinal cord. When the vertebrae become compressed, nerves can become damaged, leading to pain and a loss of sensation.

The pain may appear in any part of the neck, and the pain may feel like tingling or stabbing. The sensation may become more severe if you move or try to massage your neck.

As time goes on, you may lose your ability to turn your head. You may encounter symptoms in other parts of your body like numbness or tingling in your hands because your spinal nerves become damaged.

You should immediately go to a doctor if you think your spinal cord is compressed. You may need to wear a brace over your neck or have surgery to remove damaged vertebrae.

Radicular Pain

Radicular pain occurs when a nerve in your spine becomes inflamed. Swelling in your neck can apply pressure against a nerve, or an infection can damage your nerve.

Pain occurs along the length of the nerve, so you may experience pain anywhere in your neck. The pain can be intense, feeling like electric shocks or burns. Many people feel severe pain when they adjust their posture while sitting.

Getting rid of neck pain may require surgery to relieve pressure on the damaged nerve. You may also need physical therapy so you can move your head without pain.

The Main Types of Neck Pain

There are three main types of neck pain. Axial pain stems from tears in your muscles and ligaments. The pain can feel like throbbing, and most cases pass within a few days.

Myelopathic pain comes from spinal problems. You may feel intense pain and a loss of sensation, which can lead you to wear a neck brace for weeks.

Radicular pain is nerve pain. The pain can be intense, and you will need a combination of physical therapy and surgery.

Treatment works best when you know the essentials. Read neck pain treatment guides by following our coverage.

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