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What Are The Requirements To Apply For Subclass 190 Visa Australia?

The Subclass 190 Visa Australia is a skilled nominated visa for the overseas skilled workforce required in Australia. It requires an applicant to score a minimum point of 65 to receive an invitation from the concerned authorities.

If you want to apply for a 190 visa Australia for migrating to Perth as a skilled professional, approach a reputed visa agent Perth to help you with all the ins and outs of the Australian Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 process. Now let’s know about the requirements to apply for visa subclass 190.

General 190 visa requirements

  • You are require to have an invitation to apply for a 190 visa. And before that, you have to get nominated by a state or territory agency of Australia. If you’re nominated, the authorities will invite you to apply for your visa. Note that different agencies have different criteria.
  • You have to provide an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect. And notify the authorities that you want the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190. Here, you need to fill out several details like your qualifications. Skills, and nominated occupation based on which you will be awarded points. The point scores of all the visa applicants are ranked against each other. And those in high enough rankings are invited to apply for the visa. You’ll need to have at least a 65 point score to receive an invitation.
  • After you receive the invitation, you will have to submit the 190 visa Australia application form within the next 60 days. Your age should be less than 45 at the time of this visa application. You will only get the visa if your nominated occupation is one of the eligible skilled occupations. And you will also have to go through a skill assessment to prove that you possess. The required skills and qualifications to do the job.
  • You must have no pending outstanding debts towards the government of Australia. It is an important criterion to meet before applying for the 190 visa. As it can hugely impact the approval process. If your Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 gets canceled while you are in Australia or your application is refused by the authorities, you may have serious problems securing the visa 190.
  • You and your family members (if you want to get visas for them) have to submit character certificates.
  • Issued by the police as proof that there is no criminal record or confinement sentence against any of you.

English Requirements

You are required to have at least a Competent English level in English proficiency to apply for a 190 visa Australia. You have to submit your English language test score when applying for the visa. And it should be less than 3 years old. The score structure that proves you are at a Competent English level is as follows:

  • 6 or above in all the 4 components, i.e., reading, writing, speaking. And listening of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Test; or
  • B or above in all the 4 components of the OET (Occupational English Test) or 13 for reading. 21 for writing, 18 for speaking. And 12 for listening in the TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign language internet-based Test); or
  • 169 or more in all the 4 components of the CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced) test; or
  • 50 or above in all the 4 components of the PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic.

In case you include any family member in the 190 visa application. He/she also will have to fulfill the IELTS requirement for 190 Visa and other English requirements. If their age is 18 or more, they must at least be at Functional English level.

The family members, including your dependent parents, partner, and adult children, have to undergo the test within twelve months of the visa 190 application and attain the following score:

  • 4.5 or more in all the 4 components, i.e., reading, writing, speaking. And listening of the IELTS test to meet 189 Visa IELTS requirements; or
  • A total band score of 30 or more in all the 4 components of the PTE Academic; or
  • A band score of 32 or more in all the 4 components of the TOEFL iBT; or
  • A band score of 147 or more in all 4 components of the CAE test.

Also, the family members should have finished their secondary education in English medium. And should have finished at least two years of their undergraduate studies in English. If any family member has finished at least one year of undergraduate studies in English. He/she is considered to fulfill the 190 Visa English requirements.

Partner Requirements

Your partner needs to fulfill certain 190 visa requirements if he/she is immigrating to Australia along with you. You can gain extra points in the following scenarios:

  • If your partner is moving to Australia with you.
  • He/she is less than 45 years old.
  • In the first place, he/she does not already have citizenship or permanent residency in Australia.
  • He/she has a Competent English level.
  • He/she has the qualifications and skills for the nominated occupation relevant to the listed eligible skilled occupations.

Health Requirements

You and your family members need to go through health check-ups. In order to get an invitation from the authorities for a 190 visa. Often even a family member who isn’t applying for the visa 190 also needs to meet the basic health standards. It is ensure that you or any of your family members are not suffering from a health condition. Or disease that may be threatening to the Australian community’s health.

If you and your family have to migrate to Perth, contact the top Migration Agents Perth and inquire about the various health-related requirements.

Documents Requirements

You will have to attach the following documents along with your application for 190 Visa:

  • visa 190 application form
  • Skill Assessment Report
  • Proof of Identity
  • Skilled employment-related documents
  • English language test results
  • 2 passport size colored photographs
  • Educational qualification documents
  • Documents proving your skills, qualifications, and English proficiency of your partner
  • Documents fulfilling Australian study requirements and showing that you studied in a regional part of the country
  • Character certificate issued by police
  • Documents showing your relationship status
  • Reports of health assessment
  • Reference letter from your employer
  • Any other documents requested by the concerned authorities

This is a permanent visa, which allows the holder to stay in the nation for as long as he desires. He or she may even be eligible to seek citizenship, depending on the circumstances.

Other advantages available to holders of this Subclass 887 Visa while in Australia include:

  • Permanently residing and working in Australia
  •  Australia as a study destination
  • Enroll in Medicare, an Australian healthcare system that covers both services and costs.
  • Be eligible for a set amount of social security payments
  • Applying for citizenship in Australia (depending on the residency criteria)
  • Relatives is sponsoring for permanent residence.
  • Traveling to and from Australia for as long as you want
  • The primary applicant and their family members are eligible for all of these perks.

The application for this visa 190 must, of course, be accompanied by the necessary papers. The 190 Visa Processing Time may be extended if you submit your application without the necessary documentation. As a result, it is preferable to compile a checklist ahead of time and organize the documents correctly.

As a visa 887 applicant, it is critical that all need documentary documents presents without error. Incomplete proofs might result in longer processing periods, delays in decisions, and even visa cancellation. As a result, if you are confident. In the application profile that will be display, you should apply. Otherwise, a competent and knowledgeable Immigration agent Perh should be consult. For the necessary submission summaries in this regard.


Keep the above points in mind if you are applying for a 190 visa and if you have to move to Perth, get in touch with the best Immigration Agent Perth who can help you with all the complexities of securing an Australian visa.

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