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What are the rewards of getting an AAT qualification?

It’s no harm to provide your employees with the tools they need to execute their jobs, but many businesses forget the importance of training.

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) offers worldwide recognised credentials to provide any accounting firm with an advantage. Future Connect is here to tell you about the benefits of delivering AAT training to your employees if you’ve ever considered it.

What are the reasons to get an AAT qualification?

Global Recognition

AAT is a globally recognised certification that may help your company succeed no matter where it operates. This accreditation can open opportunities for multinational corporations or those wishing to expand into new markets.

Showing that your employees have received high-quality training through recognised courses is a huge plus for any company.

AAT is a mark of distinction.

Employers in today’s accounting and finance industries are looking for people with AAT Accounting and Bookkeeping certifications. AAT will assist you in putting practical bookkeeping skills into practice. In day-to-day organisational activities, we will use real-world functional accounting abilities. In any sector, AAT certification is recognised as a sign of commitment. Employees and organisations can use their capabilities to improve their accounting skills for the company. AAT certifications are recognised all around the globe and grant you professional standing.

Assume you have recently graduated and are seeking some nice job options. In that instance, AAT is an excellent choice since it will assist you in gaining the necessary information and skillsets that the company seeks. It will transform you.

Start your own business or become self-employed.

You can Have complete authority over your schedule and be your boss. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit may choose to pursue a freelance accounting and financial job. An AAT licenced member can provide clients with accountancy, taxes, or related services as a consultant or even as the owner of their firm.

Over 4,000 AAT Licensed Accountants and Bookkeepers are presently supported by AAT in operating their successful firms. It’s a terrific way to put your finance skills to use and work with various customers while having the freedom that comes with being your boss.

Obtain MAAT certification as a professional.

You can use MAAT after your name if you become a full member of the AAT. Employers and clients will see these letters as proof that you’ve demonstrated your competence – and that you’re committed to keeping it.

You’ll gain a professional reputation and standing, which will increase your possibilities for advancement and meet your compensation expectations. AAT events, online services, and continued professional development are among the other MAAT perks (CPD).

AAT training courses for every level

Future Connect provides a wide range of AAT training courses to suit all levels of experience. An AAT qualification will bring value to any hands-on financial position, from Accounts Assistants to Finance Officers.

It can help with succession planning and career advancement since your coworkers can study for an AAT qualification to prepare them for a new position.

Together with their practical experience, these official qualifications will provide them with the necessary tools to succeed.

We also offer combination courses, which allow your workers to get two AAT certificates at a reduced cost and a smooth transition between levels.

Certainty to pass

Future Connect now has a good passing rate for AAT courses. Although we cannot guarantee that you will pass all of your examinations the first time, we will offer you the necessary assistance and support to maintain the odds in your favour.

We established a new system, which offers you a free resit when you’re ready to try again if you don’t pass an exam on the first time. You’ll get all the assurance you need to become qualified as swiftly and easily as possible with no needless worry.

Any schedule can be fit for AAT training courses.

Employers may be hesitant to provide training to busy staff because they are concerned about fitting into their hectic schedules. Employers don’t want to risk adding stress to an already-stressed employee or losing a high worker due to the necessity to attend a classroom.

It isn’t the case with online AAT training because students may take their time digesting the content. They can study on their way to work, when they have free time, or in between meetings.

Fast track route

AAT certificates are highly recommended To advance your ideal profession in chartered accounting. As a result, chartered accounting will be a fast track path. The AAT qualification prepares you for other certifications.

An immediate return on your investment

A fast return on investment is virtually assured wherever AAT leads you. You may learn while working with our Distance Learning study approach. It is not necessary to take time off from work.

AAT courses have a proven track record of increasing pay. The Foundation Certificate, for example, prepares you for entry-level positions like Accounts Assistant or Purchase/Sales Ledger Clerk, with a national average income of £18,786.

Provide consulting services

You can provide accountancy, taxes, or related consulting services to the general public in the UK if you are an AAT licenced member. You might apply your industry expertise and experience to help small and local businesses and charities with anything from financial forecasting to financial statement analysis to account evaluation and profitability determination.

Employees that are engaged and knowledgeable

An employer who provides training can profit from higher employee engagement and a stronger knowledge base.

Employees with a thorough comprehension of the theory surrounding their work reduce the risk and effect of any business-threatening blunders.

Your employees will prevent mistakes and communicate significant takeaways with other team members if they get further training. They can also hunt for fresh new ways to save money for your company and point up previously untapped financial options.

Your financial team will be more likely to stay with your company if you equip them with AAT qualification.

Future Connect is offering discounts on AAT courses this Christmas.

Are you afraid if you can afford to begin studying right away? Don’t be concerned. There are a variety of online discounts to help you budget for your education, as well as flexible financing alternatives to enable you self-fund your studies.

Company financing is possible if your employer is prepared to cover a portion of the expense. Payment plans can be spaced out over a period that works for you. Exam fees are also included in all programmes, so you won’t have to worry about any unexpected costs during your study. When you enrol, you’ll also receive a free Android tablet.

So, whatever AAT course you’re interested in and whatever your budget, there’s something for you.


AAT certifications allow students to expand their knowledge beyond their understanding. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including taxation, ethics, accounting, budgeting, systems, financial statements, and much more.

While they may be familiar with some aspects of the course subject, this is their opportunity to see outside the box of their normal function. It can be useful in several settings since they can apply what they’ve learned to a new role.

With all of these advantages, AAT training may be ideal for elevating your accounting staff to the next level. Consider flexibly training your teams to provide your company with an edge over the competition.

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