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What Are the Various Types of Litigation Cases?

The legal system of the United States can actually be pretty complicated for an ordinary man to navigate. Therefore, if you find yourself or someone you know stuck in a lawsuit, it is suggested to understand the type of case you are facing to comprehend the next suitable step besides hiring a competent legal professional. 

The main genre of the legal world is civil litigation and criminal litigation. So today, we wouldn’t just be proffering you what these two main heads include but also presenting you with certain types of civil litigation cases to help you acknowledge them. 

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Criminal Cases

Criminal cases concern the government indicting an individual for disobeying state or national laws or allegedly executing a crime. The case is introduced in front of the tribunal by the prosecutor, a state’s lawyer, or the United States Attorney for a national crime.

Civil Cases

The civil litigation procedure starts when someone or entity files a conflict against another individual or entity, suing for settlement for impairments caused. The justice or jury hearing to the case will then lay the applicable law to both parties’ attributes shown in a tribunal. Finally, the complainant files an objection in tribunal desiring monetary settlement, a demand, or order due to a step by the defendant.

Types of civil litigations include:

  • Property Disagreements

Property cases concern disagreements about possessions, ownership, and borders. Accordingly, the court might offer more than economic compensation, publishing constraint rulings against the trespasser.

  • Personal Injury Claims

One of the most typical cases in civil litigation is personal injury claims. The complainant asks for settlement for impairment caused by an act carried by the defendant. The statement might be based on oversight, deliberate wrongdoing, or severe liability. Some of the lawsuits filed comprise medical malpractice, fabrication, personal injury, animal attacks, and more.

  • Equitable Claims

The disappointed party might ask the tribunal to issue directives to someone or entity to stop an actor from carrying a specific activity. However, most matters involve complainants aiming momentary restraining or redemption rulings against the defendant.

  • Agreement Disputes

Infringement of contract claims arises from the negligence of a person or entity to meet their contractual commitments; thus, the complainant files a lawsuit in a civil tribunal. The complainant requests for settlement for the non-fulfillment of the agreement signed. Some of the issues addressed include infringement of trade agreements and non-delivery of settled buy.

  • Divorce and Family Law Disputes

Divorce, legal separation, and guardianship disputes slip under civil litigation. The tribunal rules on splitting the partnership, transferring of the spousal assets, child guardianship, and support. From the complicated nature of the lawsuits, it would be most suitable to locate civil litigation lawyers with a firm understanding of family law.


Regardless of what kind of litigation you are involved in, considering that both types of proceedings involve legal terminology that can be quite difficult for an ordinary man without prior legal knowledge to comprehend, we recommend hiring a competent lawyer for help. 

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