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What Can Be Done If You Are Losing Libido Find The Best Treatment!

Women are complicated beings, and we all are aware that physical and mental obstacles are both intrinsically connected, or produce a knock-on impact on each other. This absolutely applies to your Losing Libido. When they begin to diminish, arises a feeling of discomfort within yourselves, especially when it concerns your relationship. For the majority of people, sex is an element of their personality. It is a way of relating to others and developing a connection with their partners. That’s why lacking the desire can be so destructive; it can transform the way you recognize yourself and modify your pricelessly valuable relationships in powerful ways. Lack of libido can occur due to numerous reasons, so figuring out its treatment means understanding the causes for loss of libido.

Why Women Losing Libido?

Although there exists no specific foundation as to what composes a wholesome sex life or healthy libido. All of a sudden, if your libido has vanished, and you sense this is a complication, it is worth a shot trying to reach the depths of why it happened. If the reason isn’t obviously apparent to you, it may serve to acknowledge a few of the most prevalent causes for loss of libido:

Relationship Problems:

For some pairs, sexual activity is actually not an influential element of their relationship. For others, though, a reduction of sensuality results from issues within their relationship. Often, these problems involve:

  • Lack of conversation about sex
  • Trust issues
  • Unsolved problems
  • Inadequate overall communication

All of these problems can make courtship seem repulsive, give rise to a sense of separation among companions, and can affect female sexual health.

Physical Complications:

Ailments, medicines, setbacks, and physical transformations can cast a shadow over your sex energy. These involve:

  • Medical conditions: Many medical diseases, including cancer, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease can decrease sexual interest as an unforeseen side effect.
  • Substance use: Alcohol, nicotine and other drugs of abuse can affect female sexual functioning, primarily after continuous, long-term use.
  • Medication: Many medicines, such as SSRI antidepressants, can extremely overcome your ability to feel orgasms and interfere with sexual magnetism.

Psychological Upshots:

Emotional issues, that involve mental health problems and trauma, can have a notable influence on female sexual functioning.

The following can all be psychical obstacles to sexual passion:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Stress (money, work, social, family)
  • History of sexual abuse
  • Body image issues
  • Negative previous encounters with sex

Hormonal Imbalances:

Hormones are doubtlessly a component of the body, but they perform such a fundamental part in maintaining human sexuality that they earn a division unto themselves. When levels of hormone fall or become unbalanced, your potential to experience intimate desire may be remarkably compromised.

As a female, you come to encounter plenty of notable hormonal shifts in your entire life that are one of the causes for loss of libido, including:

  • Perimenopause
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy and delivery

Other Causes Of Losing Libido:

  • Vaginismus: rejecting anticipation of the intimate activity or painful sex
  • Depression
  • Medicines and hormone-altering contraceptive pills
  • Hormonal issues resulted from an underactive thyroid
  • Drugs and alcohol


As stated before, it is hard to undertake the issue if the cause isn’t identified. However, in case you have discovered the reason for your lack of libido, the quick-fix may become apparent.

Individual Therapy and Couples Counseling:

It can be priceless to solve relationship matters that are conflicting with a satisfying sex life. With the assistance of a kind therapist, you can obtain a more profound perception of your partner and yourself, acquire unique skills to repair your connection, and resolve disputes in a behavior that is rejuvenating for both of you.

Seek Medical Guidance:

When physical health concerns hinder intimacy, they leave no clear explanations. This is especially valid for those that are closely bound with psychological problems. However, it is necessary to communicate with your physician regarding your medical condition and how its treatment is impacting your sexual health. They might be capable of creating a strategy for treatment that enables you to revive your libido.

Mental Health Counseling:

Endeavoring the supervision of a mental health expert is essential to both marking your underlying affective causes and revitalizing your sensuality. Depending on the particular matter, treatment approaches may include medicine, psychotherapy, and mind-body exercises that assist you with stress handling, cope with trauma, and encourage you to promote a more salubrious bond with yourself.

Fluctuating Hormones and Exhaustion:

Hormones go absurd following childbirth, and most partners will agree to it! Postpartum hormonal variances can strike plunder upon women’s physique and sentiments in equivalent ratios. Not enjoyable! On physical evaluation, mothers who breastfeed their babies might encounter that level of estrogen in their vagina decreases, which makes the tissues thinner, reduces vaginal lubrication, and negatively affects libido. None of these determinants make up for excellent sex, but the opposite, they make sexual contact discomforting.

Let’s not ignore that emotional and physical fatigue can have comparable influences on your libido. None would want to have sex while they’re constantly suffering from disrupted sleep and focusing the whole time on a little human. Eliminated libido comprises no lubrication, and lack of lubrication results in dyspareunia after delivery or painful sex.

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Hormone replacement therapy is universally appreciated as the fittest treatment for perimenopause and menopause signs as well as numerous hormone imbalances afflicting women’s sexual health. Basically, this method entails supplementing the body’s amount of estrogen and/or progesterone to reestablish hormonal balance and enhance female sexual functioning. Women undergoing perimenopause or menopause require hormonal reinforcement, even in case hormones are not the principal cause for loss of libido. In these circumstances, gaining hormonal equilibrium can empower you to wholly benefit from other therapeutic modalities by guaranteeing your body can react healthily. Even if hormone replacement therapy can be a life-altering choice, there is not one single hormonal therapy. That’s the reason why you need the guidance of a practitioner who has specialized in hormone vitality and hormone replacement therapy, or you can contact Harbor Compounding Pharmacy directly to seek counseling from their competent pharmacists. After providing all the required information, they’ll direct you to their panel of certified doctors from whom you can obtain your prescription after evaluations necessitated to conclude the best plan of action and formulate a custom treatment befitting your unique needs.

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