What Do You Know About Chiller Van Conversion Kits?

In this piece of writing, the main points discussed will be regarding chiller van conversion kits, what are they, what are they made up of, and their benefits for both the customer and the owner.

Who uses chiller vans?

The services of Chiller van rental in Dubai are significant for the businesses that require transferring their short-lived items without ruining them.

 What are chiller van conversion kits?

Chiller Van conversion kits are a selection of gadgets and equipment that is used to convert a van into a refrigerated van. Companies structure a wide range of insulating tools for chiller and freezer van for conversion, these tools are ideal for vehicle surface makers, chiller engineers, and automobile refrigerator dealers who get involved in chiller van conversions.

How are conversion kits manufactured?

Chiller vans for rent manufacture the conversion kits utilizing extruded polyester which is also known as XPS. Strict insulation is formed using polystyrene polymer and assembled using an extrusion procedure. The sides and roof of the van are insulated by permanently bonding with GRP plastic. It is processed to accurately and permanently bond the insulation. The thickness of the insulation varies according to the requirements of the customer, whether a freezer is needed or a chiller. For instance, the insulation will be 50 mm thicker when a chiller is required.

The sizes of the kits are cut using CNC machining, which matches the CAD designs precisely?

What does a conversion kit include?

A conversion kit mainly comprises of:

  • A complete set cut precisely by a CNC machine, including polystyrene insulation and a high effect GRP for a hygienic insulated inner of the van.
  • Floor finishing with polypropylene load-bearing support
  •  Aluminum extruded skirting
  • Ready to fit insulation, gel-coated wheel box
  • CAD drawings
  • Required adhesive seals and tapes

There are a few more things that include in the insulation van kits, but these are a few of the important ones.

Apart from the conversion kits, what are the key points to remember when planning to look for a chiller van rental?

  • What is your business?
  • Which kind of items included in your business?
  • What temperature is required for your business goods?
  • Does it require a full freezer or a chiller?
  • How thick should the insulation be according to your requirements?

So any business can invest in a conversion kit if they have a vehicle available. If not, several companies offer their customers temperature-controlled, converted automobiles. They acquire everything required for the conversion of popular vans and vehicles and the temperature controlling feature. The instructions included making it easier to assemble and provide great leeway for businesses.

What are strip curtains and how do they benefit me?

Freezer van rental companies offer their customers with the strip curtain facility as well.  The strip curtains are used to work as a barrier between the outer temperature and the inner temperature. It blocks the heat from entering the cold zone of the chiller vans.

Chiller van Dubai for rent are usually hired for delivering goods at different places, so there is a chance of the opening of the truck door several times, which can impact the temperature. Every time the van stops, the doors open for some moments which allow the heat inside the van. So the strip curtain prevents the humidity to enter and interfere with the chilled temperature inside the refrigerator unit.

In this article, we learned about conversion kits and how they are used. The use of strip curtain and how beneficial it is for the businesses. Now you must be careful when you rent chiller vans. And rent a vehicle that suits your needs and helps you carry your short-lived items efficiently.

Therefore, by hiring a reputable freezer truck company you get almost 100% efficient service and you receive your sensitive products timely. It is observed that chiller truck companies try their best to deliver the best service to their clients. But sometimes due to lack of resources and unavailability they can mess things up.

So, it is important to assess your chiller truck service provider in the light of the useful tips mentioned above in this article. By following these guidelines you will be able to find one of the best freezer truck service provider in your area.

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