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What do You need to Know About a Pool Towel?

Who don ‘t love spending time in blue–blue swimming pool with a cool pool towel by the side? We all do, it’s indeed a most peaceful, and an ideal place to feel your body at rest, but till when? Once you get out of the pool, you need something warm, soft, and comfortable to wrap around your body or waist to dry your body.

Imagine, what if you dry your wet body with cloth made of poor material and feels like something forcefully rubbing against your skin, and it doesn’t even absorb water from all around your shoulders and chest, doesn’t it feel itchy and irksome?

Here we need a quality pool towel. A pool towel is specifically designed to use for a pool or lake. A quality pool towel will always be soft to touch, thick, highly absorbent, and big enough to completely wrap a user within its long size.

What Specific Materials Are Used for Making Pool Towel?

The pool towel is made with the highest quality, pure ring spun cotton yarn. It is soft and durable offering exceptional absorbency and noticeable fluffiness on both sides. It takes double-needle stitching to reinforce side and end hems.

If you buy from any leading manufacturing company, their pool towels are designed to match the poolside comfort which any resort owner will like to accommodate with their clients or guests. It comes in a wide range of bright and vibrant colors.

It has a vat-dyed and fade-resistant finish to withstand harsh pool chemicals and institutional laundering.

What to Look for While Buying Pool Towel?

While buying a pool towel, always look for;


Be it a bath, face, or any other use towel; softness is the main asset for which it is usually considered or denied. When you need soft towels, then look for one that is made of velour, pure cotton fabric with a tight weave that provides both comfort and softness.


A pool towel should be thick, but not excessively thick. You need a pleasant, soft seashore towel. And yet, a towel that is too thick can get unmanageable. Search for something that is adequately thick to give solace and retentiveness, yet slender enough that you can create it up or move it up for a simple vehicle.


The pool or beach towel is mainly used for two basic purposes; to dry your body, and keep you comfortable. Just the towel you’ve picked has no permeability. It moves immersed immediately, leaving you leaning back on an awkward, wet piece of texture, which is currently canvassed in the sand toward one side. Search for seashore towels that can dry quickly, undeniably produced using cotton or a terrycloth mix.


There are many pool and beach towels that can be double as beach blankets, whereas many beach towels tend to be bigger, unlike household counterparts. The ideal size of the pool towel should be 28 inches wide and 60 inches long. If you’ve taller, then a blanket would be best for you.


Lastly, its towel after all, so it has to be reasonable. But, opting for cheap towel just for sake of price can put you in trouble, because what can you do if it cheap in quality and fabric?

Best Ways for Storing Pool Towel Outside

1.      Towel Cabinet

If you need a good secure place for storing pool towels outside, then a towel cabinet would make the best addition to your poolside area. It’ll not only fulfill an empty-looking space but will also provide a nice place to store your towels. It has entryways as well, shielding your towels from the components.

This bureau additionally offers a tremendous space so you can place different things inside like pool toys, paper towels, or open-air utensils. It looks incredible as well and it is made to fit in well with the outside.

2.      Wall Mount Rack

this can also be a good way for storing pool towels outside. The wall mount rack can be settles at a small corner in the poolside area which comes always ready to use. Roll towels and stack them up. This will also make a captivating backyard décor and will save your space. In any case, you can’t keep the towels there for quite a while since they’ll be presented with residue, dampness, and downpour.

Then again, you can likewise look at this divider mount metal towel rack by Soduku. It effectively can hold 5 moved towels and there’s a first-rate where you can put different things like tissue paper, little shower things, or more collapsed towels.

3.      Storage Container

Not interested in putting a cabinet at the pool side or outside of your home? Then go for storage boxes or storage containers. This will safely store your towels and will protect them from elements. It’s paramount to using a cabinet, but it’s less space-consuming.

It looks a ton like a chest you put outside and even has a spot for a latch so you can keep your things got. It offers a great deal of room inside and it’s water-safe also. This is ideal for putting away towels for a more drawn-out time.

4.      Collapsing Towel Rack

Don’t care for gathering things or mounting them on your dividers? Here’s the ideal decision for you. With this collapsing towel rack, you can just set it up around your pool and crease it back up when you’re set. There’s a rack at the base where you can put your collapsed or moved towels.There are also spaces on top where you can hang them for drying.

5.      Outdoor Seats with Storage

If you are more practical, and well aware of pool towels’ consistent use now and then, so outdoor seats with storage are the best solution for you.

They are multipurpose things that can helpfully hold and store your towels for quite a while. Also, they are intended to withstand any climate conditions.

Besides, it will not rust, blur, and it occupies next to no room. It’s likewise solid enough for a grown-up to sit on it. Then again, if you need more space to sit on or hold a greater amount of your effects, the Keter Westwood Large Deck Storage is ideal for you.

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