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What Does a Dentist Do? 4 Things You Should Know

Many people avoid the dentist because they’re afraid to go and they’re not sure what’s going to happen at a dental visit. That’s unfortunate because almost 25% of adults ages 20-44 in the U.S. have untreated cavities.

Does your mouth hurt? Instead of avoiding the dentist out of fear, you should visit the dentist to get help.

What does a dentist do? Check out this article for information about what a dentist does and why you should visit the dentist every year for a dental exam.

1. Prevention

One of the best reasons to visit the dentist is for preventative care. Regular dental cleaning by a skilled hygienist helps you avoid problems down the road.

The dental hygienist and a family dentist educate their patients on the best at-home oral care routines to maintain a healthy mouth. You’ll also get regular x-rays that help a dentist spot problems early.

Cavities aren’t the only issue when it comes to oral health. Regular visits and a good home routine help you avoid gum disease too. Bleeding gums are often a sign of gingivitis, and gingivitis can lead to periodontitis if not taken care of.

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2. Cosmetic Dentistry

Many family dentists also do cosmetic dentistry. A cosmetic dental procedure is as easy as tooth whitening or as complex as a full set of veneers. A full smile makeover can include repairing broken teeth, correcting alignment, and replacing missing teeth.

3. Braces and Orthodontia

Depending on your situation, you may need braces. There are more choices than there used to be when it comes to braces. There are even clear braces that make it hard to tell you’re wearing them.

Teeth that are in alignment are easier to take care of and less prone to cavities and other dental issues. If you’ve always wanted straight teeth but fear the dreaded “metal mouth,” it’s time to take another look at your options.

4. Implants

Have you lost teeth due to poor oral health? Another common dental procedure is dental implants.

A dental implant substitutes an artificial tooth for the lost tooth. The dentist puts a titanium “root” into the jaw bone where it bonds with the jaw. Later, a normal-looking ceramic tooth fits onto the titanium root.

The effect is a realistic-looking tooth that sits firmly in place. If you’ve lost all your teeth, dental implants are still an option.

The dentist puts four titanium roots in your mouth and affixes the dentures to those roots. This keeps your dentures from slipping which is sometimes a problem with regular dentures.

An Answer to the Common Question “What Does a Dentist Do?”

If you’ve wondered, “What does a dentist do?” now you have your answer! A dentist keeps your mouth healthy, fixes problems, and gives you an award-winning smile!

You can find answers to many of your burning questions in our health, technology, and other sections of the blog.

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