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What Does a Urologist Do, and When Should You See One?

What Does a Urologist Do, and When Should You See One?

Did you know there are a little over 13,000 urologists in the United States?

Though a urologist specialist isn’t the first kind of doctor that comes to mind, they play an integral role in our overall health. In fact, there comes a time in our lives that seeing urologists should be a yearly habit.

But what does a urologist do, exactly? When should you start seeing one?

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of the urologist specialist, and when it may be the time to see one.

What Does A Urologist Do?

About now, you may be wondering, “What is a urologist doctor?”

In short, a urologist specialist helps treat diseases related to your urinary tract. Your urinary system includes your kidneys, urethra, bladder, and ureters.

To do this, they’ll help you detect toxics than may be clogging up your system, or causing harm and discomfort.

A urologist specialist also plays another role that people don’t always know about. This would be overseeing your reproductive health. Believe it or not, the reproductive system for both men and women is tied to the urinary system.

This is because the adrenal glands (which regulate your metabolism, immune system, and more) sit right on top of the kidneys.

Nephrologist vs Urologist

While the two are similar, nephrologists have a special focus on kidney problems or conditions that cause kidneys to fail. They have nothing to do with urology.

Unlike urologists, nephrologists don’t do surgery. Urologists have the responsibility of operating on their patients if necessary.

Urologists also treat people with urinary tract infections, hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction, kidney stones, and more.

If you currently suffer from genitourinary problems, don’t hesitate to contact a urologist in Dalton. Click here for more information.

Urologist for Women

As we mentioned, a urologist specialist can treat reproductive issues for both men and women. A Urologist for women would be able to help you if you’re having trouble with fertility.

Beyond fertility conditions, talk to a urologist for women if you experience discomfort in your vagina. This may feel like weightiness in the area, or like something is falling down.

Urologist for Men

Similarly, a urologist for men will treat fertility problems, but they can also help if you’re having difficulties in the bedroom. They can get to the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

If you don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction, don’t hesitate to contact a urologist for men to get your testes or scrotum checked so they can screen you for prostate cancer.

For both genders, a urology specialist can prescribe you medicine for sexual health.

What Is A Urologist Doctor?

As you can see, a urologist specialist does much more than ensure the health of your urinary tract. You no longer have to ask, “What does a urologist do?”

You can contact a urologist specialist if you’re having any problems with reproductive health, too.

To learn more about other health topics, keep browsing our articles for more.

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